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2021.10.16 05:50 Difficult-Ad-8918 Coupon + Deal

Does anybody know if I can use the 20% off coupon with the buy 2 candles get 2 free deal in store?
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2021.10.16 05:50 bushhy New World Economy has a MASSIVE flaw. There is no item sinks at all.

Let me preface this by saying, I enjoy the game. I am not talking bad onto the game, but this is something that I was speaking with my faction members about.

  1. Gold leaves the game quicker than it comes in. In the beginning, players were making lots of gold by doing main quests. As players get further into the game, and the amount of quests being completed starts to fall off, the only income of gold is Faction missions(which gives awful gold), or PvE. Taxes on houses, taxes on crafting, taxes on trading, ect all remove this gold faster than it will be coming into the game.
  2. Items have no intrinsic value. At some point, whether this is within the next few weeks, or the next month, players will be at the point where they have ZERO need to buy new items such as tools, bags, armor, reagents, ect. We can already see the prices of reagents falling on our server(it does seem they drop WAY more now). An example is Sand Flux was around 1.5-2 coins just 2 days ago, and it is now around 0.25.
    1. Think of it this way. A player will really only buy 3-6 infused bags. Extra pockets, max level, ect. They have zero reason to buy more bags after this point. Once they get the tools they want, probably Azoth Extraction, Yield, and Luck, they won't need another tool ever.
    2. The only items that will be in high demand are consumables. Things like food, potions, honing stones, ect. These items get removed from the game, so there is a need for more to be crafted and brought into the game.
  3. Players do not lose items. Once someone achieves the best gear at end game, they will never need more. There is zero risk to lose those items, and nothing that takes them out of the game. Whether something like Runescape's Wilderness, or a Black Zone, something needs to be able to remove items from the game. This not only promotes PvP, but also adds a risk-reward system to the game.
Maybe I am thinking wrong, but from my point of view, almost everything will fall on its face at some point. Certain items will be absolutely useless as more players move towards the end game.
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2021.10.16 05:50 Nastich_618 Unifier by AirFly-pony
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2021.10.16 05:50 ombagumba Check ins

Do y’all do check ins with your SO? Are they happy, is there anything they want to discuss/address, etc? Is this healthy? Thinking of doing it but don’t want partner to take it the wrong way and think I’m not happy/want to change something
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2021.10.16 05:50 T60-power M2 Browning, M1919A4 on M1917A1 tripod, and M1919A6

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2021.10.16 05:50 fandomfrenzythefox You been a naughty child 🤨

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2021.10.16 05:50 YankeeDoodle08042 Reminder to Brett and Eddy: I'm waiting for the reaction video to the reaction video on 18 Nov, don't forget :D

Reminder to Brett and Eddy: I'm waiting for the reaction video to the reaction video on 18 Nov, don't forget :D
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2021.10.16 05:50 xiaodaireddit AlphaGo and related Go AI improves pro play

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2021.10.16 05:50 nulnul700 Skyrim AE( Anti modder Edition )

So cynical.
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2021.10.16 05:50 MrsClark2010 Any explanation as to why I’ve gained weight in the first few weeks of cico?

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2021.10.16 05:50 flugx009 Emotional Whiplash

Anyone ever read a book that you thought was a one-off or was the end of maybe a trilogy or a sequel, and then figured out it WASN'T. And of course it ended in a cliffhanger because why wouldn't it. I was waiting for just a quick wrap up and then didn't realize I was so close to the end until he just finished. And the rest of the pages that I thought was more book was just end dedication! Wtf haha
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2021.10.16 05:50 Bitcoingalore Pacific Standard back to back glitch

How to save the on Xbox?
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2021.10.16 05:50 wubiwuster Kelena pushing for “Ottomatic Porter Jr” on the telecast

Let’s make it happen! Love the third quarter effort by our bench squad and of course mr. ottomatic swished a 3.
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2021.10.16 05:50 loversickgirls13 Beyoncé and Lisa from Blackpink wearing the Ivy Park/ Adidas jeans

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2021.10.16 05:50 Few-Database4885 DOGESQUID | Next X100 Gem💥 | Rebase Token 📈 | Huge DOGE Rewards 💰| No Presale 🚀 | Huge Marketing 👀

DogeSquid ($DSQUID) is one of a kind BSC token to combine DOGE rewards with rebase. Hold $DSQUID and receive a high rate of DOGE in return! 💸
Rebase is an increase or decrease in the total supply of a given token across all holding pools and all wallets. This is done in order to adjust the token price, without affecting the value of anyone’s share of coins. This can be beneficial as the chart will always look healthy regardless of dips and we can be on the top gainer parts of websites due to the illusion of a rise in price floor so is a brilliant marketing tool itself.
Additionally, right after launch we will be starting with twitter campaigns followed with the CG and CMC listing right after having the good number of initial investors. There will be shilling and meme contests in place in order to increase the number of holders in a fast manner.
7% : DOGE Rewards distribution 💰
2% : Marketing 📡
1% : Liquidity for better stability 🔥
Total : 10% of taxes which is very low for a rewarding & rebase token
Experimented team of professionnals (development, marketing, e.g) 📡
📝 CONTRACT: 0x836eff22a23f6c91a6f07542ea09db401c2e11b9
Renounced Ownership:
Get in before it's too late!
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2021.10.16 05:50 LittlestPip My 2011 got totaled. Bought a 2014 today with only 30,000 miles. Already in love <3

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2021.10.16 05:50 Lily_ThePC-98_Addict Progress on SinGyoku so far

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2021.10.16 05:50 ghettooyster I've been hunting for any Halloween squishies I can find and I snagged these two on the first week at my new job! So happy 🖤

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2021.10.16 05:50 cherrybomb1024 Pork Pan-Fried Noodles

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2021.10.16 05:50 champion_00 [Advice] [Method] how I beat the stress which was limiting me for past 3-4 months

So how it started was, i became negative after a few job rejection, friends made it worse by pouring more negativity. Hit the rock bottom when I started waking up at odd hours due to stress and anxiety. The problem wasn't that i was incable but instead my belief in myself wasn't intact any more. Method: I decided to appreciate myself for the smallest of the stuff very frequently and as much as possible this greatly increased my self confidence. I started cheering up for myself. Decided i would never say anything bad about myself. This way once you regained the belief in yourself and your capacity you can do anything. You will become fearless
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2021.10.16 05:50 Ok-Art3242 Interesting Base card Level pushing.😍 Source - PES DATA

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2021.10.16 05:50 Illustrious-Wish3260 [PSN][h] sb reaper ge [w] 38000cr or good offer

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2021.10.16 05:50 anonymouzdude Hallo

.·:¨༺ Trading list ༻¨:·.
1. I do not offer, sorry! Dm me your offer but offer fairly :]
2. If I accept, make sure you’ve made up your mind or polled beforehand!
*3. Read the whole post before offering and *
LF: upgrades and good offers
NLF: downgrades for my high tiers, oxen, griffins, non-legs from cracked egg
MAY DOWNGRADE only if it is worth downgrading for
≪•◦ Legendaries ◦•≫
ೃ⁀➷ 4 x nfr fury - 2 nb, 2 pre teen (trading all together), Fr fury - newborn, Phoenix - newborn, R kitsune - post teen, R parrot - teen, Evil unicorn - teen, Owl - newborn, Metal ox - nb 3 x dragon - nb junior pre teen, Cerberus - junior, Golden egg, Fr queen bee - junior, F snow owl- pre teen, Neon snow owl - nb, Nr trex - nb,
≪•◦ Ultra-rares ◦•≫
ೃ⁀➷ 6 x hydras - nb Bee- teen, 3 x deinonychus - nb, 12 x Lunar ox - nb, Panda - post teen, Squirrel - pre-teen, Sabertooth - nb, Nfr toucan - post teen, 2 x frog - nb/junior, Koala - pre teen,
≪•◦ Rares ◦•≫
ೃ⁀➷ Mega neon emu - fg, Pig - nb, Australian kelpie - nb, 4 x beaver - nb, 2 x dilophosaurus - nb, Lynx - nb, 3 x monkey - fg and 3 nb, Musk ox - nb, 5 x narwhal - 1 junior and 4 nb, 23 x ox - junior and 23 nb, Pterodactyl- nb, 2 x rabbit - junior and nb, Neon rat - nb, Rat - nb, Rhino - post teen, 4 x seahorse - 3 nb and teen, Shrew - nb, 3 x snow puma - nb, 2 x wooly mammoth - nb, 2 x swan - fg and junior
≪•◦ Uncommons ◦•≫
ೃ⁀➷ Nr crab - post teen, Neon crab - nb, Nr butterfly - fg, Neon bat - junior, NFR black panther - nb, 3 x chocolate labrador - teen junior nb, Dolphin - junior, 3 x glyptodon - nb or junior, 2 x puma - nb and pre teen, Silly duck - nb, Triceratops - nb, Fr wolf - fg, Stegosaurus - nb, 2 x snowman - nb
≪•◦ Commons ◦•≫
ೃ⁀➷ Robin - nb, 2 x neon wolpertinger - nb, Nr bandicoot - nb, 1 x buffalo - nb, 2 x ground sloth - nb, 4 x otter - nb, 3 x stingray - nb, 2 x tasmanian tiger - nb and junior, 2 x wolpertinger
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2021.10.16 05:50 bagelbitesaredope had this conversation with a friend today. I've spread out horrid disease :D

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2021.10.16 05:50 JeniceMontgomery 🔥 Fairlaunch Soon 🔥| 🍀 Play games Get $BNB 💲 | Join us on a new Doge Token | 🏆 +1000 TG members 🐕

💲Welcome to LuckyBabyDoge💲 LuckyBabyDoge is the first Doge Game platform on the Binance Smart Chain network, Play games – Get $BNB
Our links :
🌐 Website : LuckyBabyDoge-token. space
💬 Telegram : t. me/BSC_LuckyBabyDoge
👉🏻 Launch time : 16th of October 2021, 5 PM UTC
LuckyBabyDoge Vision
LuckyBabyDoge vision is to create a simple and seamless DeFi experience to both crypto savy users and less digitally proficient individuals in China and Southeast Asia. LuckyBabyDoge will be offering a wide range of traditional banking products built on DeFi infrastructure, such as high-return savings account, cryptocurrency vaults, debit cards while keeping users' privacy our top priority.
- Brings DeFi and cryptocurrency to developing markets
- Create a simple and seamless DeFi experience
- Providing alternative banking products to uncertain economies
What is LuckyBabyDoge?
LuckyBabyDoge is an All-in-One DeFi Banking App built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Although decentralized finance has generated significant interest in developed countries, we believe that widespread adoption in China, India and Southeast Asia can only happen through the ease of use with mobile applications that combine the possibilities offered by DeFi with safety and privacy.
- LuckyBabyDoge offers mainstream FinTech services with instruments and possibilities of DeFi. Such as high-return savings account, fiat fixed deposit, cryptocurrency vaults, debit cards & transaction mixer.
- Personal banking services to accommodate the needs of risk-averse private investors interested in portfolio diversification and risk assessment.
LuckyBabyDoge offers a solution where retail investors in developing countries can join DeFi with low-entry barriers and a wide range of products such as high- return savings account, fiat fixed deposit, cryptocurrency vaults, debit cards & transaction mixer. LuckyBabyDoge will achieve its vision with its governance and utility token. Earn rewards by staking with LuckyBabyDoge.
More Information :
LAUNCHING: 16/10 at 5 PM UTC
💲 Total supply: 1,000,000,000
🥇 Charity: 3% (lock for 6 months, every month unlock 0.5%)
Burn: 4.5%
⚡ Auto buyback and burn - Hold $LuckyBDoge to earn $BNB
💬 Marketing and promotion: 10%
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