Maybe someone can relate to this…

2021.10.16 05:27 MS1L3NC3 Maybe someone can relate to this…
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2021.10.16 05:27 jollgut666Newgrounds confirmo

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2021.10.16 05:27 bruno_sfc [WTS] [REDUCED] Levis Ancre 17 rubis vintage watch

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2021.10.16 05:27 IdkJustARandomIdiot Arson is fun

A lot of people enjoy arson. Most people deny enjoying arson because its illegal and they don't want to be judged. But deep down many people think arson is fun. Including me- And ill admit it because i know that watching stuff burn is awesome
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2021.10.16 05:27 Aggravating_Ad5573 space mafia

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2021.10.16 05:27 Necessary_Mango6467 Need help with talking to my doctor

Hello everyone :). I am currently 15 years old (female), and I suspect that I have autism. I have been thinking it for years, but wasn’t sure how to bring it up with my parents. My sister (26) also believes that I am autistic. When I was 12, I was initially diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, sensory issues, tics (some unclassified tic disorder) and depression. I was screened for autism by a “professional” (was not actually a professional), and she determined that I did not have autism. Also, I lied on most of my answers when she asked me questions, which probably skewed the exam results. Ever since then, my parents have completely blown me off and said it’s ridiculous, and that I act this way because I’m a spoiled brat who can’t control herself. I have tried so many times to communicate with them that it’s simply not the case, the things I experience are not just around them. The main reason they blow me off is because I started talking at a young age (they say all autistic people had a very slow development), and I have always had a relatively broad vocabulary. I understand where they are coming from, because I really did not realize that these things weren’t “normal” until I was 12 or 13, when I started having trouble in school. I have always been bullied at school for having “anger issues”. One specific time I remember the teacher was asking me what was wrong, and I told her that I was uncomfortable in the uniform that I was wearing. I was crying and having a “temper tantrum” and these boys started laughing at me and saying “she needs to go to anger management!”. I have never really “fit in” with other kids. Yes, I have had friends, but my groups have always been small. These days I mostly spend my time alone, and I prefer it that way. I have extremely bad sensory problems, and I am very quick to anger when talking to someone, no matter how trivial the issue may be. I have what I call “meltdowns” multiple times daily. I just get so tired. At here are many more signs of autism that I display, but I’m not going to go over them all right now because my main focus of writing this was because I would really like to talk to my psychiatrist and therapist about possibly being “re-screened” for autism. How do I explain this? My dad goes to all of my psychiatrist sessions, soI feel like he is going to say “no, you don’t have that, there’s no need to be re tested.” But I want answers to these constant meltdowns. And I truly believe that this is the best way to go, to bring it up with my doctor. So, tips and advice please? 😅
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2021.10.16 05:27 ASICmachine Saw the old movie Monster Squad on TV tonight. I didn’t know SEC chair Gensler was an actor before going into investment banking. He makes the face he made at the monsters that he makes today when he’s asked about stable coins. (x-post from /r/cryptocurrencymemes)

Saw the old movie Monster Squad on TV tonight. I didn’t know SEC chair Gensler was an actor before going into investment banking. He makes the face he made at the monsters that he makes today when he’s asked about stable coins. (x-post from /cryptocurrencymemes) submitted by ASICmachine to CryptoCurrencyClassic [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 05:27 spacefarce1301 Supposing artificial gestation was a safe and ubiquitous option, would you consider the application of the term "abortion" to apply solely to the termination of the pregnancy, i.e., removal of a still viable ZEF? Or would it necessarily also entail the termination of the life functions of the ZEF?

A few weeks ago, I asked PL posters a question: Would you support artificial gestation technology if it was as safer, or safer than natural gestation? I got a limited range of responses. Most were fine with it, if it wasn't mandated. One poster stated that if the artificial gestation option was categorically demonstrated to be safer than natural, then artificial gestation should actually be mandated. This would entail requiring pregnant women to undergo a medical procedure to transfer the ZEF or face penalty. Or, alternatively, require couples to procreate via IVF from the start.
An unusual, if interesting, example of an authoritarian position in my view.
In my mind, the corresponding PC position to this hardliner viewpoint would be that termination of the pregnancy must end in the cessation of the ZEF's functions. Abortion in this reality, doesn't just require the removal of the ZEF, but the destruction of it as well.
I've consider the question from a couple of different perspectives, and I have my own answer. But I'm curious as to what other PC posters here would say.
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2021.10.16 05:27 champ4gnemami NOT ME FALLING HEAD OVER HEELS FOR CIANAN IN HIS NEW UPDATE 😩💥💳💥💳💥💳

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2021.10.16 05:27 Southern-Length-2623 Time to run it back one year later.

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2021.10.16 05:27 bngltiger vegetative

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2021.10.16 05:27 Omnipotent_Amoeba Modius/Asgard 3 to Bifrost/Jotunheim 2? End game jump?

Hey all!
So I'm debating making a pricey upgrade and I need some feedback. Right now I use modius and asgard 3 to power my Focal Clear MG, LCD-X 2021, DT1990, and HD 6xx. It works well, no real complaints, but I also wonder what is deeper in this rabbit hole. I'm done with getting new headphones (for now... Still kind of want HD 800s), so I think it's time to upgrade the rest of my chain!
Is Bifrost a big upgrade on Modius? I actually keep reading this might be a more worthwhile upgrade than the amp one I'm debating. Also the bifrost has a little better lead time (4-6 weeks) instead of 6-8 weeks.
How does Jot2 compare to A3? I run SE right now, but I have debated going to some balanced. I should note, I did grab a Magnius bstock for this purpose (haven't received it yet), but I hear the Jot2 is much better so I may end up just selling the Magnius. How is Jot2 SE? On paper A3 is more powerful for SE, but Jot2 seems to be nutty at balanced. I hear Jot2 is very analytical and A3 is warmer... Is this true?
Lastly, this is crazy, but I legit may want to order a Lyr 3 while I'm at it lol. I always wanted to try a tube, so I'm sort of at the point of YOLO let's just get a solid SS, tube, and DAC all in one shot. I'm a Schiit loyalist so might as well got TOTL for all their products.
Is this a good idea, or am I nuts? Lol... Before you ask, yes I actually could afford it, but I'd feel odd throwing down this much all at once. Then again, I know I'd be done exploring the rabbit hole afterwards and I'd get back a little from selling.
Thanks for any advice!
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2021.10.16 05:27 cbuks23322 Go to @mitchmodes rn!!!!

Go go go go!
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2021.10.16 05:27 InfiniteWonderful Does you sometimes develop overwhelming and unbearable crushes on various famous people or fictional characters?

It’s rare, but sometimes I develop such a crush, and become so enthralled with a certain celebrity or character.
To the point where it actually becomes painful to keep watching them - knowing it will never work out.
And I basically have to distance myself from seeing them, in order to get over them. Sort of like a real crush.
Does anyone else get these profound crushes? lol And if so, on who?
I’m the past 5 years my biggest infatuations have been with:

Curious to hear other peoples lol…
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2021.10.16 05:27 aggressiveplayer Recommendations for restaurant delivery that also has milk tea?

Looking to order some food from Uber Eats tomorrow since my company gave me some Uber Eats credits. Been craving milk tea as of late so I want to order some along with my food.
Any recommendations for specific restaurants? I know a lot of Chinese, Japanese and potentially even Korean places will probably have them, but I'm looking for specific restaurant recommendations. Preferably if they have a Matcha drink, but if not that's cool too.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.16 05:27 mi2626 My very first cake I ever decorated - for my best friend of 12 years. I can’t believe I’ve had him for 12 years. He is my best friend of all time.

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2021.10.16 05:27 Suicidalpineapple420 "[Homemade]" Blood Spatter Macarons!

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2021.10.16 05:27 AndersonVision BE INVINCIBLE IN THE NEW MARVEL GEAR + GOODS LOOT CRATE! [October 2021]

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2021.10.16 05:27 Calm_Faithlessness_2 Divorce and Step-Families

Hi all! My (27 F) family is currently in the middle of a separation. My mom (50sF) and step dad (50sM) are divorcing. He’s been in my life for over ten years, he has a son (20s M) who has become my brother, and my husband and I now have a 10 month old son who sees him as his Papa. Has anyone else dealt with a similar situation? How do I navigate in a way that is respectful to my mother, but also acknowledge the presence he has had in me and my son’s life? I am terrified to lose my brother in the situation and am miserable that I am dealing with a divorce again in my lifetime. Any help is needed 💙
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2021.10.16 05:27 ivebeensomewhere8484 “Oh boo hoo butthurt murican”

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2021.10.16 05:27 fakeaccount572 homemade Pad Thai, sooo good

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2021.10.16 05:27 JeniceMontgomery 🔥 Fairlaunch Soon 🔥| 🍀 Play games Get $BNB 💲 | Join us on a new Doge Token | 🏆 +1000 TG members 🐕

💲Welcome to LuckyBabyDoge💲 LuckyBabyDoge is the first Doge Game platform on the Binance Smart Chain network, Play games – Get $BNB
Our links :
🌐 Website : LuckyBabyDoge-token. space
💬 Telegram : t. me/BSC_LuckyBabyDoge
👉🏻 Launch time : 16th of October 2021, 5 PM UTC
LuckyBabyDoge Vision
LuckyBabyDoge vision is to create a simple and seamless DeFi experience to both crypto savy users and less digitally proficient individuals in China and Southeast Asia. LuckyBabyDoge will be offering a wide range of traditional banking products built on DeFi infrastructure, such as high-return savings account, cryptocurrency vaults, debit cards while keeping users' privacy our top priority.
- Brings DeFi and cryptocurrency to developing markets
- Create a simple and seamless DeFi experience
- Providing alternative banking products to uncertain economies
What is LuckyBabyDoge?
LuckyBabyDoge is an All-in-One DeFi Banking App built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Although decentralized finance has generated significant interest in developed countries, we believe that widespread adoption in China, India and Southeast Asia can only happen through the ease of use with mobile applications that combine the possibilities offered by DeFi with safety and privacy.
- LuckyBabyDoge offers mainstream FinTech services with instruments and possibilities of DeFi. Such as high-return savings account, fiat fixed deposit, cryptocurrency vaults, debit cards & transaction mixer.
- Personal banking services to accommodate the needs of risk-averse private investors interested in portfolio diversification and risk assessment.
LuckyBabyDoge offers a solution where retail investors in developing countries can join DeFi with low-entry barriers and a wide range of products such as high- return savings account, fiat fixed deposit, cryptocurrency vaults, debit cards & transaction mixer. LuckyBabyDoge will achieve its vision with its governance and utility token. Earn rewards by staking with LuckyBabyDoge.
More Information :
LAUNCHING: 16/10 at 5 PM UTC
💲 Total supply: 1,000,000,000
🥇 Charity: 3% (lock for 6 months, every month unlock 0.5%)
Burn: 4.5%
⚡ Auto buyback and burn - Hold $LuckyBDoge to earn $BNB
💬 Marketing and promotion: 10%
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2021.10.16 05:27 AdministrativeYam857 Panama City, FL – Lynn Haven candlelight vigil

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2021.10.16 05:27 fritzpretz AMA with Wolf of Markets: How Optimizes Edge Technology and ‘Network Effect’ for Global Network Growth

StrongNode is the future of the Node Infrastructure-as-a-Service model creating a global last-mile mesh network by harnessing and sharing latent computing resources of node seeders to power companies around the world.
VP for Community Operations and Retired US Air Force Major Brandon Sivret joined the AMA episode hosted by Wolf of Markets where he answered questions about StrongNode and launching plans.
iHere are the highlights:
Could you give us a brief description of what StrongNode is as a project and what problem you are trying to solve?
We are looking to solve real world problems through StrongNode Edge technology. We noticed that the cost of computing has gone up so we had to come up with a solution. Looking inwards of what is available we noticed that we already had the blueprint already in front of us in the form of Open Source.
We want to make “Computing for a Purpose” a reality. We have an opportunity to change the crypto world and act as a sort of Layer 0, not as node validators, but quite the opposite in the sense that everyone can operate on our network for whatever purpose serves them best.
Could you tell us a bit about your innovation incubator too and it’s relationship with the so-called “network effect”?
Through our innovation lab, we’ve integrated a list of projects that we’ll be rolling out over the next several weeks to months and beyond that further the mission and user reach of StrongNode Edge and each of these Node Innovators as we call them...each new project adds greater value as an integrated economy within our larger ecosystem.
Not only are we growing our network, but we’re making a bigger and bigger pie for everyone in the industry and to us that’s one of the most exciting things about our network effect.
What is the main benefit of your edge technology over traditional options?
We’re distributed and decentralized and while we’re not looking to necessarily topple any of the other household names in cloud computing, we do offer the advantages of crypto and the added security of blockchain technology.
Through our user acquisition strategy we are going to reach into areas and regions that aren’t major data centers to enhance access around the world in some underserved areas.
DYOR on this project guys and don’t miss out on their launch on October 18!
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2021.10.16 05:27 Mac_Man1982 TommyTruck Frantically trying to create propaganda ;)

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