2021.10.16 05:50 buffalobangs [GSW Twitter] OH HE ON X GAMES MODE

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2021.10.16 05:50 Accomplished-Aerie14 My first time going team red! 6900 XT and 5800X. Water loop from EKWB

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2021.10.16 05:50 Juggernaut6398 And that’s why we wear nato straps

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2021.10.16 05:50 shinyvelociraptor Offering: French Seeking: Mandarin

Hi! I'm Lou, an 18 yo guy living in Canada, I can speak french fluently (native) and I'm currently studying mandarin because I used to speak it pretty good before but I haven't practiced it for a very long time so i kind of lost a lot of it. I'd like you to be around my age (+/- 1 yo) as I'm not very comfortable around youngeolder people so sorry for that! I'm very opened about conversations btw, we can talk about anything! Dm me if you have more questions
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2021.10.16 05:50 bEAnGAMES what is up with player scav on player scav violence rn ??

i understand that sometimes a player scav will take the karma L and kill a scav when theyve got a decent gun and like a pilgrim backpack, but i dont understand why when im looting a green box on factory with a mosin and a duffel bag, that someone feels the need to shoot me in the back of the head.
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2021.10.16 05:50 Cannedpizzaeater1 2 similar floor plans the only difference is the entryway and bathroom placement, what do you prefer and why?

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2021.10.16 05:50 Obvious-Access-4109 My 3 month old snake got a little bit of paper in her mouth when i was trying to give her medicine

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2021.10.16 05:50 TheSockOfDobby 29 [F4R] US/Anywhere - Phone Call Anyone?

An entirely made up vacation plan where we can escape the winter and go someplace warm. Or maybe experience the winter in a new city and see how it lights up for the holiday season. We need to pick a place, plan a trip and find the things we're most excited to do and spots in the area we absolutely should visit. It's quite a task. It's also the way I'm choosing to procrastinate on work that's so bloody important, that I can already hear my future self cursing me for terribly poor choices.
There's a post on my profile that might shed more light on the kind of person I am. Feel free to check it out of you're interested. And if you respond to me, know that I'm absolutely interested in knowing at least a little about the kind of person that you are. And a solitary 'hey' or something to that tune is definite way of killing that interest.
Please be close to by age (+-2) and willing to hop on a voice call over discord.
Thanks for reading and stay safe :)
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2021.10.16 05:50 PostMaStoned [FOR HIRE] Rapid Prototyping, Part Design, Invent Help, and 3D Printing Services

I'm a 3rd year mechatronics engineering student located in the U.S. with years of practical experience looking to branch out a bit and get more real-world experience with the types of tasks listed above. My goal is to one day own a business doing rapid prototyping and part design.
I have been working in the hospitality industry for about 10 years and am a professional at satisfying the needs of customers. I have experience using Solidworks, Fusion 360, Cura, and other engineering softwares which could be used to design or replicate any 3D part you have in mind. Furthermore I can apply my analytical knowledge (stress analysis/material science/etc.) to provide suggestions for design improvement.
Part design/Invent help will be charged at a flat rate and I have no issue signing an NDA.
At my disposal I have a not-quite-industrial-grade assortment of machining tools, a welder, and an upgraded Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D printer. I also have an assortment of different colored PLA filaments as well as black PETG filament with which parts can be made.
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2021.10.16 05:50 harvey263 "Are you enjoying Outlook Mobile"?

Or "do you like"? whatever. It works, shutup, who cares.
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2021.10.16 05:50 Noledgebase The Complete High School and College Chemistry ($24.99 to FREE)

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2021.10.16 05:50 holamiamigotueresgay wse is rapidly approaching death

the advertisement thing that kid did pissed so many people off lmfao its only a matter of time.
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2021.10.16 05:50 chemistrynerd1994 TIS Trinity Union, the biggest technical Minecraft server in China, looks absolutely insane.

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2021.10.16 05:50 anxiousbbygirl 2meirl4meirl

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2021.10.16 05:50 Prokchopped The Philosophy of Emission

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2021.10.16 05:50 Accomplished-Fly1003 Blog: The Lakhimpur Lesson - Hate Speech Finally A Liability For BJP?

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2021.10.16 05:50 Noledgebase Build A TodoList with Laravel and Ionic Angular ($99.99 to FREE)

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2021.10.16 05:50 unclemike_0 I need help! Fl isn’t recording sound through interface!

I got an M-Audio Air 192/6 today. I have tired everything the forums and M-Adio websites have said an I still can’t get it to record guitar or bass. I’m running macOS Big Sur version 11.3.1. I have tried going to audio midi set up like Fruity Loops website said and made an Aggregated device with it but that didn’t work. There is no driver to download since it’s Mac according to the website. I’ve checked all my audio settings in FL and on the Mac. Nothing seems to work. I need help please!
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2021.10.16 05:50 Economic_Corgi Am I in an abusive friendship?

Am I in an abusive friendship?
This is a SUPER long story, but I’ll try and keep it as short as possible.
Mary (27F) and I (26F) have known each other for 20 years. We’ve been close friends for 8 years. Mary introduced me to Becky (26F) in 2019.
In 2011, Becky dated a guy named Jack. They were ~sophomores in high school at the time. They only dated a few months, but remained really close friends after the breakup. Mary met Becky around the time Becky was dating Jack. They became friends.
Mary asked Becky if it was OK to pursue Jack, even though they’d just broken up. Becky said it was OK, and Mary pursued Jack. Mary and Jack dated for ~2 years. The entire relationship, Becky and Jack (ex’s) remained close friends.
Jack ultimately dumped Mary, and she was devastated. Mary asked Becky to no longer remain friends with Jack, and said that if she was “really her friend” she wouldn’t talk to Jack anymore. Becky tried to diffuse the situation and knew Mary was upset, but still valued Jack as a friend / former-relationship, and didn’t listen to Mary. But Mary didn’t know this…
In 2020, Mary, Becky and I were hanging out. Becky made a comment about how she slept with Jack around senior year of high school (not long after he dumped Mary). Mary was PISSED. Mary told Becky, “you could’ve slept with anyone in the world!!! He’s the one guy you can’t sleep with!! I loved him!!”
(Keep in mind, at this point in 2020, Mary was in a 4 year relationship and was about to move in with her bf. Why was she getting so worked up about a relationship that happened 7-ish years ago?)
Mary and Becky never saw eye-to-eye and I felt like I was forced to choose. Becky wanted to continue being friends with Mary, but I felt like Mary wanted me to “prove” my loyalty by (us collectively) kicking Becky out of our friend group. Since I hadn’t been friends with Becky very long, I made the decision to stick by Mary.
All of 2020, it was just the two of us… and despite me sticking by Mary’s side, she began treating me horribly. Mary would say the meanest things to me, yell at me, talk about me behind my back, bail on me, make fun of me, put me down… you name it. It was awful. I am a pushover, and I’m easy to manipulate… Mary took total advantage of this.
In Dec 2020, I finally snapped. I told Mary that she’s an awful friend to me, and that I didn’t know what on earth her problem is with me. She apologized and said that she’s got “personal issues” and that covid had been hard on her. (Which I get, but it’s been hard on all of us… and having a friend treat you like gum on the bottom of their shoe doesn’t make it any easier.)
I forgave her, and she told me she’d change.
In 2021, I started planning my wedding out of town. Mary had been nicer to me and I extended an invite to her. (I told her she was NOT obligated to attend - in fact, many other close family friends didn’t - and that was OK!). Mary paid for her tickets and hotel, and our friendship started going downhill again. I didn’t know what to do, since she just spent all this money on me. So… I kept silent and put up with her treating me like garbage.
About a month before the wedding, at my bridal shower, Mary acted like a total fool. She made it all about her and complained about how she should “be able to leave early” and it was a disaster. It was really the final straw for me and I called her out again. She played the pity-party card and told me that she knows she’s a bad friend and shes “trying.” I forgave her, because my wedding was right around the corner and I didn’t want her and her attitude to ruin anything (since she was going). So, I told her that it was Ok and that I wasn’t mad just to keep peace.
The bachelorette party rolls around and I started thinking about Becky. I knew that I’d really written off Becky FOR Mary… but I felt like I didn’t owe Mary anything anymore, because she treated me horribly 24/7. Despite Becky always being super nice to me, I played into Mary’s HS drama and “chose sides”. I invited Becky to the bachelorette party and the wedding. I told Becky that I was sorry for choosing Mary’s side, and that I had no hard feelings toward her. Becky was super understanding and said that she’d love to come! When Becky explained her side of the story, I felt more neutral about the situation. We both agreed that we wanted to put this HS drama behind us and move forward.
I told Mary that I invited Becky. Mary then said, “I need to have a conversation with Becky first. I want to have a good time at your party and if Becky doesn’t tell me that she regrets having s*x, then shes NOTTT coming to your bachelorette party.”
Um. What?
Mary and Becky sorta work things out, and are cordial at the very least.
Overall, the bachelorette and wedding went well. Mary had decent behavior, but was still acting a bit self-centered during it all. I tried to let it go, though, because I wanted to be happy.
About a month after the wedding, news breaks that Becky and Jack are… currently together. (They never stopped being friends over the last 8 years, and re-kindled their romance after the wedding.) Mary was infuriated. She began going off about how Becky can’t have Jack, and Jack was her HS sweetheart and Becky can’t be trusted… blah blah blah. (Mary is still dating her bf too… she’s in a long term relationship…) Mary days, and I quote, “She can’t have him!!!!”
So, that brings us to present day: After Mary blew up, I stood up for Becky. I told Mary that Becky’s s*x life is NONE of her business. I told Mary that just because Becky’s relationship with Jack was shorter, it doesn’t make it any less valid. Some people date for 2 months and fall in love, for some people it takes years… and Mary had no right to lay claim to a guy that BECKY DATED FIRST. I told Mary that she was an awful friend, and that I was done. DONE. I told Mary that she was a self-absorbed victim who cared more about the quantity of friends than the quality. I told her that I couldn’t stand her anymore and that I was tired of being pushed around. I told Mary that she didn’t respect me and that I wasn’t putting up with it anymore. I told Mary that her problems are self-inflicted and that I was SICK and TIRED of feeling like crap all the time because of the way she treats me.
Mary says back to me, “I’m sorry. Let me make this right.”
Mary then reached out to Becky and asks to talk, to make things right.
I told Mary to give me at least 30 days to be alone. I don’t want any contact with her. I need to think on it.
Mary knows I’m a pushover, and I feel like she is realizing that she’s losing all her friends and she’s trying to put in a last-ditch effort to salvage what’s left. But I’m EXHAUSTED. My friends and family keep telling me it’s a trap, and that she can’t possibly change overnight. I want to forgive and move on, but I also want to cut Mary off completely. I feel like I KEEP giving her chances and she KEEPS dragging me back. I want free. She’s SO self-centered and she acts like a child. I can’t mentally handle it anymore. Like I genuinely told Mary that she stresses me out to the point where I am having mental health issues because of it… and her response is “let me fix it.”
Do you guys think she truly means it? That she wants to change? I don’t know what to do and I feel like I may be overreacting by blowing up on her. This is all petty drama but it’s slowly chipping away at me.
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2021.10.16 05:50 futurehero622 Would you stay friends with someone who is also friends with someone who has an irrational hatred for you?

And that friend has always been aware of this other person's mistreatment of you? Please read my previous post about it if you want more details.
This friend and I were always close and we helped each other throughout during the most difficult times. I'll give him credit for that. He has done some (many) thoughtful things.
But basically...I have come to the conclusion that there is a friend I don't want in my life any longer. He is close friends with a girl who has always irrationally hated me, seriously, for no reason. Like my friends even have no idea why and they said it's her issue, not mine. Still, it's mean.
He brings her up often when we talk on the phone and I've said to him many times in the past, "You know she dislikes me, right?" And he says, "Yeah, she's not your biggest fan." and a few times I had said to him that she is very mean and that's not how you treat other people. He would really never have an answer to that. It's gotten a lot better now, but, before any time he would bring her up I would feel angry and resentful upon hearing her name. They both live in another country, thankfully.
He's also started telling me personal information about her: Like how she's grown up with overly-controlling parents, the fact that she is struggling to get a job and she might switch to a different career if her next attempt in this field is not successful. It got me thinking: How do I know he's not divulging my personal information to other people, especially her.
I decided that I never ever want to let him know what's going on in my life.
We have gone a couple months without talking, and, I felt peace. He tried calling me this evening, and, I didn't want to answer the phone.
I think I might just stop answering all his calls now. Is it okay to drop him?
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2021.10.16 05:50 chchchch1tf Darn Amazon exclusives...

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2021.10.16 05:50 Lingerieliv Hey neighbor.. no one’s home

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2021.10.16 05:50 hrifandi Just a 20 bagger away.... Ideas?

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2021.10.16 05:50 Og_Chapo_Jr H:350k Fuel W:Offers

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2021.10.16 05:50 Noledgebase Build A TodoList with ASP.NET Core and Ionic Angular ($99.99 to FREE)

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