(inspired by loox71) Link counterplay guide from a Link player

2021.12.01 15:08 NoDiceSoGiveMeSome (inspired by loox71) Link counterplay guide from a Link player

Out of all characters, Link is one of the most hated on this sub. So I'll tell you all how to beat my main!!
Alright, first, if you have a reflector, use it as much as you can without spamming it. If you see a projectile, reflect it. Keep as little projectiles on screen fighting against Link. You can spam your own projectiles, but in that case we will stand still and let the projectiles hit our hylian shield, so you can use this as an opportunity to punish, or a good link main would use it as a bait.
Next: Avoiding getting edge guarded. This seems impossible against most characters with projectiles, especially for Link. Here's how to minimize dying less.
Lets say you're at 110 percent as a heavier middle weight. Link just f tilted you from the middle of the stage uncharged, and you survived with good DI. The first thing a Link main will do is pull out his remote bomb and chuck it at you. If you didn't use your air dodge, you should neutral air dodge for the least amount of lag. If you used your airdodge and you don't have a bullshit recovery, and he nair gimps or throws a bomb at you, gg's. Link is gonna throw his bomb at you and blow it up, or throw one on stage as a ledge trap and drop down nair to get a gimp. I've you have a reflector, use it now. If you catch a Link main off guard while he is drop down nairing, you could get a stage spike and take both of your stocks. Unless you are pikachu, a pit, zss, samus, or fox/falco you aren't getting back reliably unless you got sent really high. Most link mains screw up their edge guards though, but good links will always at least do a decent job of edge guarding.
Next: His regular Shield. DON'T FUCKING TOUCH IT!!! AT ANY PERCENT!! If you fuck up, your eating an up b out of shield, if you're at high percent, will be sent in an opportunity to be edge guarded. If you're at low percent, you're gonna be sent a decent bit away from him. If you try to grab him, if its a good link, chances are he's gonna know and spot dodge then up b/grab you.
Just don't touch that fucking shield.
Next, and finally, dealing with bad links projectile spamming you.
There's not much I can really tell you. Jump over arrows, pick up and throw back bombs(or just shield them) and watch where the boomerangs going and dodge accordingly. Good link mains will always alternate between throwing the boomerang down and up.
Just remember to not let your emotions take over when fighting a spammy link main. I know this whole sub is "smash rage" but getting mad during a smash game will make it harder for you to win. Having a good reflectocounteprojectile of your own always helps.
Links disadvantage isn't terrible, but always make sure to get him off stage. His up b can't hit you from the top if you're careful. If you got a good down air, go for it. If they try to bomb recover and succeed, AND they hit the tech if needed, just repeat the process until you can punish them. Just make sure to not get hit by up b when it comes out of shield and don't rage push a link main. If you rage push a link main, you could get punished HARD. If you're a heavy, don't get down tilted. You're gonna get combo'd. If you're trying to approach, don't get up smashed.
Moves you should avoid: Nair, fair, dair, nair, side b, neutral b, up b oos, up b off stage, down b, up smash, and if a link gets an opportunity to forward smash, they will.
If he throws a bomb at you and your fast enough, catch it and throw it off stage. this leaves the most time between bomb pulls as it either has to fall or he'll get punished for using down b. If you get up b'd off stage facing ledge, prepare to tech. If you get up b'd offstage when you least expect it, 60 you should be fine and 100+ you're dead. If you're fighting against a young link, take advantage of his shitty sword range and tough time killing and light weight. If you're fighting a toon link, here's a disconnect pass to always get a free disconnect if you're fighting a toon link. Both bink and yink mains hate tink. If you're fighting a bad link/yink main and they only spam projectiles, just get in, throw them off stage, and edge guard. They're screwed. If you see a fierce deity/dark botw link or a dark young link/dark toon link, be in for a wild ride of a fight. They're always really young and will do the stupidest shit.
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I don’t really know what’s wrong with me. These past few days I’ve been having these mental breakdown type of things. It’s just this sense of doom, dread, sadness and just wanting everything to be over. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about taking my own life, I’m a religious person so I’d never actually do it. Although it doesn’t stop the thought from clinging to my mind. I think about it everyday. How I could end all of my pain and stress, how I’ll never have a thing to worry about again. I see no point in going on with my life, my grades are awful, I have no motivation to do anything. I feel awful going to school everyday and to see the disappointment in my teachers face. I feel so bad for being the person that I am. I want to fix it but I don’t even know how I’d start. I haven’t told anyone I know about this because this awful feeling only is only temporary. It comes for and hour or so than leaves. I don’t want to worry the little people I know about something that isn’t even an issue. Besides, maybe this is just a part of growing up, I just want to know how to get past it. And how to make it a little easier. That’s all.
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i know some of you are probably tired of all the top 6 polls but i just couldn't resist doing one for the christmas songs. so, what's your favorite out of my top 6 glee christmas songs?
i love the iconic songs like all i want for christmas is you, last christmas, santa baby or baby it's cold outside, but i wanted to show some appreciation for some of the more underrated christmas songs. but i have to give an honorable mention to the ones i mentioned as well as o holy night.
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Hi Everyone! I was just wondering if anyone knew why this specific interview was highlighted yellow on the student interview form?
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I watched first 2 episodes of Stone Ocean with my mom and she like it and want more
and yes, I survived watching anime with sexual jokes with my mom
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I searched for this topic and I found out that gOHM is just a container for OHM. How do I see how much my gOHM has increased by?
Thanks in advance
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