About the current shipping crisis

2021.12.01 14:58 DG-Laowai About the current shipping crisis

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2021.12.01 14:58 byHuiyiTan Walk Along Carlyon Bay Beach, Cornwall, UK, Beach Walk on A Cloudy Day

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2021.12.01 14:58 maxokreamthedream Alabama Courses

Hey guys! I live in Alabama and was wondering if anyone has any experience taking a pistol or rifle class in Alabama or any of the neighboring states, ideally a class focusing on CC. Thanks for your input!
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2021.12.01 14:58 rakiu64 Thx tinder

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2021.12.01 14:58 RobotTomPeterson Good Morning, News: Governor Calls for Renter Protection, Portland's Sketchy Private Police Force, and the Supreme Court's Showdown with Roe v Wade

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2021.12.01 14:58 Bad_Karma35 its almost 9 in the morning, and still looks the same outside that it did 4 hours ago

idk, just felt like telling yall that bit of information
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2021.12.01 14:58 AloraFane "Nobody will care anyway..."

There was a post about MBTI recently, which piqued my interest because my passion for 'personality types' is such that it led to getting a bachelor's in Psychology. I even had 'INFJ' in an online name at one point! While studying Psychology, I learned that the MBTI system I was so fond of wasn't exactly scientific, and instead the acamedics used another called the Big 5 system. I came to like and understand that relatively well, and having some understanding of why people say or do the things they do - that are so different to what I'd think or do - has enhanced my experience of reality and helped me cope with my social anxiety somewhat (though sadly not to the degree that it's a cure).
I've been lurking here for months, checking every day but never posting due to a combination of depression (no mental energy) and anxiety about saying something stupid, breaking some etiquette rule I'm unaware of, being weird and rejected or ignored. I kept wondering about what I could maybe write that might be worthwhile and interesting, and today I thought that talking about this thing I'm passionate about and have found helpful might be interesting and helpful to others!
So I wrote out this longish post about the general theory behind the Big 5 system... What the traits are and how they were discovered, not just a link to a test. But... I've read over it like a dozen times and just keep thinking "what's the point, nobody will care anyway, or they'll attack me for it being too long or abstract or inaccessible or inappropriate in some way, like some lunatic giving a lecture to people on the bus".
I've always been like this with everything. Forum posts back when those were a thing, essays back in uni, or texts which should be more casual than my mind makes them. I want everything to be worthwhile and well-received, and since I tend to assume other people will be negatively judgemental and I don't want to be a bother, I just end up assuming it won't be and staying silent, watching from afar and never feeling like I'm a participant in the world.
So I thought I'd tackle that by posting about it, since I feel it might be more interesting/relatable than my more dry and abstract post about some psychology theory stuff.
I wonder how many people browse this subreddit often, but never post because they feel that what they'd have to say wouldn't be interesting enough. Honestly I've wondered for a while how those of you who do post manage it! Is there some mental barrier you have to push through every time? Do you just get used to it? Or is it impersonal in a way that doesn't engage your particular variety of social anxiety?
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2021.12.01 14:58 SandboxSimulator We making mechanics? I call it the Sawtooth Dash

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2021.12.01 14:58 joe_ho15 Indiana Landscape Architects! Student Presentation in Nora, Indiana

5th-Year Ball State University - College of Architecture and Planning (Links to an external site.) Landscape Architecture Students will present their ideas for Nora, Indianapolis. Students have researched the area, dialogued with residents, and toured the area on foot and by bus. Selected students will share a Master Plan for Nora (2 pm), followed by 16 individual projects presented at stations in an open forum (3 pm). Friday, December 10th, 2021 in Nora at the H. Dean Evans Center, 8550 Woodfield Crossing. Read more here: https://www.noraindy.org/event/ball-state-5th-year-studio-nora-presentation/
Here is the link to the draft of the agenda for 12/10: https://ballstate-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/deshrati_bsu_edu/Eck63YG5MPxMj0E1XcRfInsB0iIWzBjCxIMfsCQdpvrMnA?e=zJ9shh
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2021.12.01 14:58 LostNecessary3553 31 day drawing challenge day 1 complete

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2021.12.01 14:58 Nenderino Regarding a class i heard of recently…

So i was just browsing the web, and i come across the blade dancer class, i see it, read up on it, and now i’m completely hooked, i really want to play a blade dancer, but my group uses d&d beyond, is it possible to play a blade dancer on it?
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2021.12.01 14:58 SordidButthole /u/Jaded_Beautiful78 is a 3 month old bot farming front page karma on WPT with anti-police propoganda

Here is the original Imgur posts along with top comment that the bot scraped.
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2021.12.01 14:58 FatDumbUgly Do you have an STD?

View Poll
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2021.12.01 14:58 Aware-Confusion-3688 Opinion Post

Hey guys I’m new to this thread and honestly have a question about a problem I’m having in clinical. Everyone in my cohort is too timid and quiet to really help me despite how I open up. In my nursing program I’m currently failing with a 75 though passing is an 80, so I’m not too far off. I feel comfortable with most topics and lectures however we all know how nursing school is (and professors). We’ve done this semester in a post-op unit and have given meds under our clinical instructor supervision, our own patients and lots of practice which I’m happy about. I know clinical instructors can be rude and tough as they’re trying to prepare you for what’s to come (rude doctors, angry families, uncomfortable situations, etc.) however my instructor is always singling me out compared to my classmates. She’s yelled at me in front of all the other students, ignores me when I answer questions correctly in open discussion and only responds when someone else speaks, doubts everything i say , and even forgot my name or called me “what’s her name” despite seeing me every week for about 4 months. In debriefing i answer all questions correctly out loud in our discussions but is always trying to find something ( spends 5 mins on everyone else and 20 mins on me) For a month on 3 seperate occasions she addressed me indirectly ( with information from a private conversation we had) to our clinical group as well as the entire class to make an example out of me so many times. She heard about my retail job on the side and after I told her I was confused on something she says “this isn’t Walmart or whatever” It’s at the point that sometimes word vomit comes out whenever she asks me anything but I think I maybe over reacting. When is it the right time to report an instructor and see past tough love?
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2021.12.01 14:58 hiffemark DAC/AMP for HD 650

Hey i bought the Hd 650 and they will arrive in a week. Im mostly going to use it with my Smartphone (S8) and my pc (just a onboard soundcard not sure). Do i need an dac soloution or is a amp enugh¿ And what amp can i use (it should be protable)¿ The max amount i want to pay is 300€.
Thank you for your time <3
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2021.12.01 14:58 Original_Umpire_4116 Good project good

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2021.12.01 14:58 tpero Dirt vs. Road AI Difficulty

Trying to figure out if my driving skills are really so different between off-road and on-road events or if the AI difficulty is vastly different. I'm a casual gamer - FH5 is the first game I've bought since GTAV - and definitely not an expert on driving games, but really enjoying FH5. I started on the default / average difficulty setting and have worked my way up to above average, highly skilled, to Expert.
Now that I'm in Expert, I'm having a weird issue with the AI drivatars. In dirt/cross country races, I can pretty easily win every race I enter. But when it comes to road/street races, I'm really struggling to even crack 5th/6th, occasionally coming 2nd/3rd, and others 11th/12th.
Which begs the question(s):

Biggest difference I've noticed that makes me think the difficulty is tuned differently is that in off-road events, I can generally get away with making a couple of small mistakes / taking bad lines and still come back for the win, whereas on the road it feels like I have to take every line flawlessly or I will never see the front of the race. I'd expect that more in the pro/unbeatable levels, with some margin for error at expert.
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2021.12.01 14:58 thelastjeka How to stop predicting the future

And enabling this behavior by often being right. I find that it can be offensive to people when I tell them the consequences and reactions that will happen from their initial action, which they always deny, but end up doing.
Am I subscribing in this thought process to a self fulfilling prophecy? Am often right because I’m “manifesting it”? I’m trying to live more in the moment but it is difficult.
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2021.12.01 14:58 Heybaby1234567 Explicit truth or dare no limits dm for kik or snap

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2021.12.01 14:58 Specific-Whereas-688 COMIC ARTIST seeking for paid work. Long and short term projects, b&w and colors. Rates in the comments.

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2021.12.01 14:58 catladywithallergies My childhood favorite gruel: Congee with salted pork and preserved egg

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2021.12.01 14:58 PoisonousChicken Just dropped a bigoted friend need encouragement

Just blocked him cuz he’s mad disrespectful. I feel bad though because he has very few friends here since he’s new to the school. He also seemed somewhat remorseful and asked me for a second chance, didn’t wanna do that though so please give a brotha advice
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2021.12.01 14:58 War_Friend If anyone knows the name of this game please tell

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2021.12.01 14:58 ShortAlgo $CMCM Watching closely for a Spike with https://t.co/WBARPaK0Cc on CMCM https://t.co/UO1fEQ7MjS

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2021.12.01 14:58 Improvise-Adapt-Over I'm HORRENDOUSLY self-conscious, please help

I'm turning 17 this week. I very probably have a mild-moderate anxiety disorder (going on for several years now), and social situations are something of a difficulty for me (the core of it is "what will the person think of me?").
Recently I've been extremely self-conscious (and it's probably my fault - I probably gradually consciously developed it by creating habits and overthinking everything). The way I move, the way I walk, the way I rest my hands, my FACIAL EXPRESSIONS (that's the worst thing to deal with), and most importantly what I say and how I say it. ALL THE TIME (when in public). I think about it ALWAYS.
And now when I'm writing this, I'm actually realizing how bad and not-normal it is and I feel like crying.
So, the question - for the love of god, is there a way to unlearn this learnt habit of constantly thinking about how I come out as to other people? Because I'm hopeless at this point. I wrestled with a lot of things in the past, but I have no clue how I'm supposed to overcome this one. It's too much. If you can provide any insight, a word of wisdom, an encouragement or a manual or something, I will be eternally grateful.
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