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2022.01.25 01:27 Mr-Rushmore Woohoo

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2022.01.25 01:27 bigboibogai Wise men say

only fools rush in
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2022.01.25 01:27 CoolJoshido Wallpaper audio keeps cutting in and out

Wallpaper audio keeps cutting in and out This happens when im on the desktop with my apps minimized. This never happened before and used to play as normal.
I put mute for audio played by other apps but that's never been a problem before. So Why is it now?

Look at the volume mixer

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2022.01.25 01:27 Sea_Marionberry1034 [Chat] 20 F

Looking to chat and maybe be friends with someone who is also in a relationship. Half the time when I tell people I'm taken they stop talking to me 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ shoot me a message!
18+/ Nothing sexual/ Canada, USA or Australia only
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2022.01.25 01:27 jasonkash Newish fan Im not the only one that thinks the ending to this song is unbelievable. Every time I hear it I feel i feel like it’s special

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2022.01.25 01:27 toaster011011 Mercor Developer AMA Series — Bot Capital- Lets's revisit this pivotal moment!

Mercor Developer AMA Series — Bot Capital- Lets's revisit this pivotal moment! At Mercor Finance we always strive to partner with the very best. Therefore we partnered with Bot Capital.
Bot Capital is an experienced software- and developers firm, which reached returns of nearly 2000%. They are a prominent entity in the algorithmic trading world. Having built up experience in the algorithmic trading world for decades allows them to create bots that outperform the market almost every time.
Bot Capital partnered up with Mercor Finance from the very beginning. Ever since the release of the Mercor Early Beta, they deployed amazingly strong algorithms on the platform. Last week, some of their algo’s reached an incredible profit of almost 60%!
At Mercor, we understand the word ‘algorithm’ can sound complex and repellent. Therefore, Mercor values transparency and education highly. We like to keep our community up to date and as informed as possible. That’s why we launched a new Mercor series: the Mercor Developer AMA series. Given their extensive expertise and after achieving incredible results, we figured Bot Capital would be a fitting candidate for our first-ever Mercor developer AMA series.
In this article, we will set out last week’s AMA, held in the Mercor community chat. The article will give you an insight into a prime developer on the Mercor platform. The AMA was a great success and gave exclusive insights into the benefits of algo trading. Below is a detailed summary of what was covered in the AMA. Enjoy reading!
The AMA CM Mercor: ‘It is with great honor that I would like to introduce Mark from Bot Capital, the winner of all three prizes in the previous competition! Bot Capital is a North American software development firm specializing in algorithmic trading and development, with nearly a decade of experience in crypto markets!’
‘The Mercor developer AMA series are all organized according to the same procedure. The first part is a one-on-one interview between Maxim, CEO of Mercor, and the interviewee, in this AMA, Bot Capital. During the second part, community members have the opportunity to ask their questions to the Mercor Developer.’
Mercor CEO: Alright, let’s start with the first question!
Please give us a brief introduction about yourself (background, experience).’
Mark | Bot Capital: ‘I’m a builder. I’ve been in the tech industry for 20+ years and previously worked in engineering and leadership functions for big tech in the areas of payments, finance, machine learning, and optimization. Background in comp science and math primarily.’
Mercor CEO: ‘Impressive CV with a lot of experience in different fields! So let’s dig a little deeper into the algorithmic trading background, how and when did you get involved with algorithmic trading?’
Mark | Bot Capital: ‘I started getting into crypto soon after Bitcoin was born and briefly ran my own node almost a decade ago now (sadly I didn’t keep anything from that time). I quickly realized that to trade crypto effectively required full attention, a lot of sleep deprivation, and a systemic edge. Around that time I began experimenting with and developing trading systems. Since then, the systems and algorithms have evolved and improved significantly to a point that nearly all of my personal trading became automated and I don’t need to check my phone every few minutes :).’
Mercor CEO: Great to hear that you have been involved with crypto from the absolute start! And I think many of us can relate to crypto trading causing sleep deprivation. So let’s learn a bit more about Bot Capital now, what is the story and mission of Bot Capital?’
Mark | Bot Capital:
‘Bot Capital started with a simple mission: outperform buy-and-hold returns of top-performing assets in all market conditions.
We started trading Bitcoin and Ethereum futures as it gives the ability to open both long/short positions to maximize profits. We then expanded into other large/mid-cap assets, and a year or so introduced spot strategies (which are more or less a long-only portion of futures trading).’
Mercor CEO: Great, I think Mercor users definitely experienced that your algorithms perform in all market conditions so far!
Talking about your algorithms, what do your algorithms focus on? How do the algorithms of Bot Capital differ from other algorithms?’
Mark | Bot Capital: The algorithms look at both short and long-term trends, volatility, momentum, correlations with other classes, and have a small number of proprietary indicators. These all are assigned various factors to generate buy/sell signals. We also integrate with 3rd party on-chain systems (CryptoQuant, Glassnode, etc), and process a stream of on-chain data. In recent years the on-chain data was helpful in predicting over half of the larger price drops and enabled the algorithms to prevent drawdown before technical signals kicked in.
Mercor CEO: ‘Impressive! Especially combining on-chain and off-chain data causing for less drawdown. So as we all can imagine these strategies are not made overnight, so maybe you could elaborate on this, how long does it take to develop a strategy? And how many people are involved in this stage of development?’
Mark | Bot Capital: It’s a continuous process, and improvements are made over time. It took around a year to get a high-performing baseline crypto strategy that incorporated various signals (backtested on all available historical data for Bitcoin). We calibrate the strategy (using ML and some optimization algorithms) to each traded asset to account for differences in market cap, implied volatility, and other factors. Once the base strategy is in place, calibration to new assets is pretty quick, just requires the processing of historical data.’
Mercor CEO: ‘So updates are continuous and algorithms are continuously improving, great to know ;).
Could you give us some more insights into your backtesting results and performance history?’
Mark | Bot Capital: We measure performance on the scale of years and don’t look at monthly/quarterly performance to avoid recency bias and market fluctuations. For instance, for 12 months prior to launching on Mercor, the ETH spot strategy returned 1,908%, and ETH perpetual futures strategy returned 12,621% with no leverage (in both cases assuming 0.05% trading fees, which is a bit less than DEX). In the same period, ETH buy-and-hold returned 765%. In general, our minimum threshold for launching a strategy is to outperform (in backtests) buy-and-hold returns of whatever asset we’re trading by a factor of 2x (so that trading makes sense from a tax standpoint), annually, in both bull and bear markets. There were months that the strategies had a drawdown of 20% or so, but on average the results have been very positive over the long term.’
12 months prior to launching on Mercor, the ETH spot strategy returned 1,908%, and ETH perpetual futures strategy returned 12,621%
Mercor CEO: These results are incredible and I admire your very strict threshold of outperforming the underlying asset by a factor of two. As far as looking at algorithms over yearly periods this is definitely something that we all should be doing more, algorithms need time and in your case have outperformed the market and underlying assets with impressive figures.
So let’s talk about Mercor, what do you think of the Mercor platform so far, its functionalities, the team, and its ambitions?’
Mark | Bot Capital: A decentralized platform for automated trading is the first of a kind, innovative, and has the potential to disrupt traditional trading. The platform supports trading of most common pairs that you’d want to trade and just works. I look forward to the Mercor dev team adding additional capabilities in the future such as derivative trading, but that’s just a bonus for the future. The team is world-class to build a platform like this and has been iterating very quickly since the first beta to make important changes. Also very impressed with the quality of the beta launch. Very impressive!’
Mercor CEO: ‘Great to hear, especially coming from you with your experience! We will definitely continue to improve the platform and I cannot wait to show you and the community our roadmap for Q4 2021 and 2022.
Alright so that brings an end to the first part, the chat is now opened up for community members to ask any questions, if there are still questions after these thorough explanations ;).’
Meikol, Mercor Community Member: I have some questions regarding the input of the model and its parameters. For the ML models which act on sentiment, where do you get your data from and how much data do you input for the model to train? How does the model actually measure sentiment (number of keywords per timestep) and is there a clear distinction in positive/negative sentiment?’
Mark | Bot Capital: [In reply to Meikol]
We don’t look at sentiment beyond fear & greed index. The ML is used primarily to find correlations with other asset classes (clustering, etc), traditional markets, and to balance out the parameters of various indicators.’
Meikol: ‘I have some questions regarding the input of the model and its parameters. For the ML models which act on sentiment, where do you get your data from and how much data do you input for the model to train? How does the model actually measure sentiment (number of keywords per timestep) and is there a clear distinction in positive/negative sentiment?’
Mark | Bot Capital: [In reply to Meikol]
‘The models are slightly different for bull and bear markets, and the strategies switch between modes when Bitcoin and some other assets fall under 21W EMA/SMA.’
Tom | Mercor Finance: ‘Hi Mark, one of the most impressive results of an algorithm since the launch of the Mercor platform was for me the reaction of one of your algorithms upon the Litecoin event. Could you please elaborate on how the algorithm achieved this impressive result? For the people who do not know what I am talking about, please refer to the video below:’
Mark | Bot Capital: [In reply to Tom | Mercor Finance]
‘That was a lucky catch. In general pump/dump and spikes/drops like this are very common in crypto, and the algo’s are optimized to detect over-extension and react to it. For instance, when LTC pumped 20% in minutes it reached unsustainable/overbought levels, and the algo’s sold at the top.’
Mercor CEO: Definitely an amazing moment.’
Idan, Mercor Community Member: Hi Mark, for people who want to start building trading systems. What language do you think is best?’
Mark | Bot Capital: [In reply to Idan]
It depends what you want to build. Most folks these days use Pine in TradingView to build trading strategies, and the language and capabilities of TV/Pine are very powerful, you can build pretty much any technical indicator. However, Pine/TV doesn’t support external data sources like on-chain systems, and for that, you’d have to build a custom solution outside of TV, and can use any language you’re comfortable with.’
Mercor CEO: ‘Alright everyone, I will now close this AMA. Thank you for this very informative AMA and thank you to all community members for taking part! If you enjoy these types of AMA’s we will definitely continue to organize them!’
This was the first of many Mercor Developer AMA’s to come. The community got exclusive insights into the methods of our beloved bot creators and got to chat directly with the creators of these profit machines!
One of Mercor’s main goals is to make algorithmic trading accessible for everybody by building a bridge between talented developers and expert algo traders and everyday investors. This AMA series is a prime example of doing just so!
The Mercor team enjoyed the AMA to the fullest and loved to see the engagement between investors and developers. On to the next one!
Mercor has just released its updated roadmap and it’s ambitious!
Check it out at:https://mercor.finance/
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2022.01.25 01:27 demonwolf106 A small piece of Hoth

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2022.01.25 01:27 sunranae Differences to expect between faculty, grad student, & admission committee interviews?

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2022.01.25 01:27 Fragrant_Maize_3054 18 MTF from Toronto, looking for friends or relationship in the GTA, or online friends :>

Hey all, I'm Ally! I'm 18 and looking for friends (and maybe a relationship) I'm in the midst of a gap year between high school and university, and am taking this time off to transition. I'm hoping to meet others that like video games, movies, TV, but let me specify my broad interests a little. I like Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, Bloons, and honestly I'm pretty open to watch any shows with friends :> And hey, I'm open to a relationship too if that's where things go.
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2022.01.25 01:27 neptunebites Need some German help

Hello, everyone!
I have a German character named Liam. Recently, working on him, my good friend told me his surname (Schmidt) didn't sound great. I'm from South America, so I don't have any contact with Europeans to ask for help. I really hope you guys can lend me a hand here. :(
Liam is a great fighter, has a facial scar, and overall is an amazingly reliable guy if he likes you. He's smart, caring and harshly honest when needeed. He also likes lemon desserts. (I'm so sorry for this bad description. I can provide more in the comments if any of you ask me, though!)
I thought about a surname that gives off a powerful, "nice to shout several times if you see him winning a fight, and you bet money on him", vibe.
Can a good German soul help me with some fitting surnames? I'd be forever thankful!
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2022.01.25 01:27 OneHundredTimes Drum Bus

Forgive me if this already been asked before but I'm interested how people approach their drum mixes. Do you always use the same plugin chain on your drum mix or do you change it up each time? I don't have a set plugin chain, I usually just use a combination of saturation (trash2 & logic's phat fx are my go2s), EQ, compression sometimes (either logic's or waves), room verb sometimes (space designer or TSAR-1R on a send at the moment, obviously cutting the lows), and lately I've been trying out the sampler presets in decimort to emulate a bit of an old school sound. I don't do anything in any particular order, just mess about till I'm happy.
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2022.01.25 01:27 red_wind15 Raiden - Yatagarasu

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2022.01.25 01:27 dumbblondie9 Pill to IUD- hormonal imbalance?

I’ve been on Blisovi (which I believe is high In Estrogen) to the Skyla IUD (the lowest dose IUD) and I feel completely out of wack especially today- crying, sweating, mood swings. How long does it take for hormones for balance out again?
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2022.01.25 01:27 clumptrees Can a player throw an npc or other oc using the move force power

If he upgrades the strength to hit silhouette 1 can he throw people and if so do you use the silhouette x10 to calculate damage?
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2022.01.25 01:27 Competitive-Hair8689 Queen Administrator Fanfics

Looking for fics where Queen Administrator is the protagonist, I have already read : Sanctioned, It's not wrong to make friends in the dungeon, Calibration, Divination, Injection and Administrative Mishap.
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2022.01.25 01:27 No-Balance-6851 r/selfawarewolves feels like candace made a "great point" in saying surgically removing the top part of the skin is literally the same as cutting off the labia and clitoris with a sharp glass shard when she is awake in pure sadism and misogyny, sewing it close, and have her probably die during sex

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2022.01.25 01:27 New-Anistontoplous Chloe Grace Moretz. BIKINI

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2022.01.25 01:27 Neon_Camouflage Hutspot for Netherlands Week

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2022.01.25 01:27 JustOneMoreBastard Q&A: Doug Ryder on Team Qhubeka's closure, its legacy, and its future

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2022.01.25 01:27 Waste_State_2547 Wifey Hood, a podcast for wives!

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2022.01.25 01:27 Last_Map1488 Buy Beats Online | Download Beats | Rap Beats For Sale | Instrumentals For Sale

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2022.01.25 01:27 abrawright Harriet pearce

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2022.01.25 01:27 Browncoatinabox Jen Psaki and CJ

Am I the only one who get the vibe that Jen Psaki studied CJ to be the White House Press Secretary, or was it just that long since there was a good one
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2022.01.25 01:27 minimayo619 Has any one ordered the blue slide park vinyl off Mac’s merch site recently?

I bought the record the 13th of January and it said it shipped the 15th but it’s said on the ups site “shipment ready for ups” since then anyone else have this issue?!
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2022.01.25 01:27 maynardDRIVESfast2 Looking at building a Typhon 3s from scratch

So I'm getting back into the hobby after 15+ years because I bought my 12 year old a Rustler for Christmas, and after running it and having to repaiupgrade it several times already, I've got the bug again. Back in the day I ended my rc career racing 1/8 scale nitro buggies on the local/regional level. I've since been married twice, divorced once, and have had 3 kids (all under 12). That being said, I sold EVERYTHING I had rc-wise years ago. Now that I'm back, I want to get back to the buggies I used to love. Full disclosure: I have MANY hobbies already that are very expensive. I build (real) cars, I build and shoot firearms, I'm a musician with lots of expensive guitars and equipment, i own a pretty pricey PEV called a Onewheel, and my wife and I are constantly improving our home. So I'm trying to say that I can't justify plunking down $500+ right out of the gate on what my wife considers "another expensive toy", and i honestly can't blame her in feeling that way. We spend quite a bit more on my hobbies than hers. So I've decided to piece a Typhon together gradually since it seems to be VERY rugged, and the aftermarket support is huge. I'm in no hurry to finish it with winter being here. So has anyone here done it from bare chassis? Did you have any difficulty sourcing all the individual parts and hardware? What vendors have the best prices and variety? What kind of hiccups did you run in to? Thanks in advance! Everyone here seems to be very open and helpful which is a refreshing change from some of the other subreddits. Hopefully I'll have some pics/video to share with you guys in a few months.
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