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2022.01.25 02:35 Pretty-Situation-693 FREE NFT GIVEAWAY EASY STEPS FOLLOW RULES

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2022.01.25 02:35 alley_95 Should I be upset?

Okay so I walk in. Receptionist says I can check you in over here. I walk over. What’s your last name? I tell her. How do you spell (last name)? I tell her. What’s your first name? Alley. How do you spell Alley? I tell her. What’s your date of birth? I tell her. She says to the other lady people this age say we’re old because we were born in the 1900s. Me in my head: wtf? I don’t say anything. They keep talking about it. I’m eventually checked in after she asks me what’s wrong. I just tell her a high fever because that was all that was bothering me. She says take a seat we’ll be out shortly, I’m the only one there, I sit down for less than a minute. They have me stop at the little screen thermometer for my temperature, and we all know those don’t take accurate temperatures (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-99300-1). 97.7°F while the night before I was 103°F. She brings me to the room, She takes blood pressure and gives me a covid test (I had already taken two rapids in the last 12 hrs and she was aware). So I get rapid tested for corona and flu. Negative. She comes back stabs my tonsils for strep. Sitting there waiting I get a call from inspira and assuming it was a call about an appointment I had scheduled I decided it could wait. In the voicemail he said he was my doctor today and he’s going to call back soon to get a hold of me. 10 minutes later strep is negative, 5 after that he calls again. Ignored everything I said and told me to go get a pcr somewhere like ten minutes away I said why not do it here he said because this place does pcr I say okay? And again he avoids all my questions and says okay go get the pcr and I say okay? Again. Good day sir goodbye. Just decided to wait for the nurse. Five minutes later a doctor comes in. He says I am so sorry. I say for what. Then he says he called me because he was the doctor on telehealth for the day and thought I was a telehealth visit and didn’t know I was in the office. Then he says my actual doctor will be in shortly. So I had just given my medical information to a doctor who was in no way involved in my case. Great. Real doctor comes in. I forgot to mention there’s a huge loud ventilation system thing with a huge tube in this tiny tiny room. He has on an n95 and a face shield because all they care about is covid. Take notice that the other doctor and the nurse had a regular cloth mask on. And at this point no one has taken my actual temperature, even when the whole reason I came was a fever. He is pretty much thinking out loud and only mentioning covid even though this was previously ruled out. Told him all the tests I took, when I was vaccinated, what vaccine, everything. Then HE asks ME if I had a pcr swab taken. How tf should I know, I’ve already had three swabs done so shouldn’t you know what they’re for sir? He told me he’s prescribing me an antibiotic and a steroid to help. I ask how I’m getting the prescription. He says goes to pharmacy. I say okay. He says I’ll be right back. Comes back in feels my lymph nodes, asks if they hurt and I explain they’ve been swollen ever since my second dose of Pfizer but never this sore. I wait another like two minutes he says okay here’s your papers you’re good to go. I walk out the receptionist who checked me in and my nurse are there. Have a nice day feel better goodbye. I get to my car. They have the wrong pharmacy. They wrote I had an ORAL temperature of 36.6 C. I walk back in there shaking because I’m already so pissed off I say hi sorry I have two questions. First the wrong pharmacy is on here can you transfer my prescription. Keep in mind they have no idea I work in pharmacy and they still think I’m a 5 year old. She didn’t say anything. I say my other question is why is my oral temperature on here when it was never taken I only stood in front of the screen. She makes a weird look at the paper and just starts typing. I was standing there forever and she still has not said a word to me. Eventually she walks out of the room and comes back with an oral thermometer. She sticks the thing in my mouth DOESNT EVEN TURN ON THE MACHINE THAT IS VISIBLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE goes back to her chair and writes down 98.6 F. She says she transferred the prescription so I say okay thank you have a great day because I was trying not to be a total bitch. I go to my pharmacy grab Tylenol a water bottle and go back for my prescriptions. The pharmacist says that my insurance won’t cover it because I’ve had antibiotics recently. Great I know urgent care messed that one up because I have not had antibiotics in a long time. With a discount it ended up not being that much so I paid and I said wait is this the only one? And she says yes nothing else is coming up so I say great urgent care messed up again. I just get in the car take my Tylenol and go home. When I get home I take my temp (101°F), call urgent care. I don’t know why I didn’t tell them I work in pharmacy. I say hi I was here earlier and was prescribed a steroid and antibiotic and I came back in to ask you to transfer my prescription to the right pharmacy but I had two concerns. One, my steroid prescription wasn’t there did you ever transfer it over? SHE SAYS NO THE DOCTOR CHANGED HIS MIND. So now I’m really angry and I say okay so I haven’t had any other antibiotics prescribed to me since (date) but at the pharmacy they said I had antibiotics prescribed to me recently so insurance wouldn’t cover it. Did you ever cancel the prescription at the first pharmacy? She flat out says no, Just no. No other words. I say OKAY DO YOU DO THIS FOR ALL YOUR PATIENTS OR AM I JUST THAT SPECIAL? She says hold on. So about five minutes later the nurse comes on the phone and says hi how can I help you. So I explain everything again still somehow forgetting to tell them I work in pharmacy so maybe they’ll actually treat me like an adult. She says okay I’m confused what’s going on with the prescription? I say did you cancel the one at the first pharmacy or not when I asked for it to be transferred to the right pharmacy? She says oh. Let me call them and I’ll call you back. Ten minutes later she calls back and says Okay so can you explain the issue to me? I say in a very angry tone because it is obviously very frustrating at this point: I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE TWO PRESCRIPTIONS. I ASKED FOR THEM TO BE TRANSFERRED TO THE RIGHT PHARMACY. I GET THERE AND INSURANCE ISNT COVERING IT. AND there’s ONLY ONE PRESCRIPTION. DID YOU EVER CANCEL THE ONE AT THE FIRST PHARMACY? YOU ALREADY TOLD ME THE DOCTOR CHANGED MY TREATMENT PLAN WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE TO ONLY ANTIBIOTICS. She says okay okay I know this is very confusing for us. I say yeah it’s confusing for me too because I don’t understand how it can be so difficult to keep track of one patient (because I was the only one there the whole time I was at the office). Then she says okay, let me talk to the doctor he’s right here. Leans over I can still hear what she’s saying and she says I have a child here then comes back to the phone and says not to call you a child.. I say why not you’ve been treating me like one since I walked in the door this morning anyway. She doesn’t say anything then comes back to the phone and says let me give you a call back when everything is sorted out. I say okay thanks. She calls back in a little bit I tell my dad to answer because at least they’d treat him like an actual competent person. She refuses to talk to him which I get because of hippa or whatever. She says I can only talk to you since you’re an adult now and I said like I said before you’ve treated me like a four year old since I walked in I figured maybe you’d give my dad some sort of respect. She says okay everything is sorted out with the pharmacy. I say thank you, end of story.
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2022.01.25 02:35 enbious_knob Trans man question about combined body heat, do you get too hot?

So I've been on T for a year and a half, and yes my body runs hotter than it used to. I wear basically my underwear around the house and sweat a bunch more. I haven't shared a bed with anyone since before T, but on one occasion prior I slept between two guys and had to remove myself to the couch because they were cooking me with their body heat. At this point, I can't even fathom sleeping that close to someone. So my question is how the hell do you do it?! Like cuddling is great but how soon do you get to the point where it's like "okay, seriously, get on your side, I'm burning up"?
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2022.01.25 02:35 MazdaB2500_4WD Are dimeritium bombs broken?

When I throw them at mages like the ofieri mage and Keira Metz they can still use all of their magic. Drowner pheromones don't do what their description says either
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2022.01.25 02:35 FlyingLowSH Betrunkene Seeleute über den Wolken - Polizeieinsatz in Frankfurt

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2022.01.25 02:35 Scallioncolt45 How would you go about attaining Ancapistan?

I feel that the efforts would have to be on the international level (a weird Trotsky equivalent, lol). I wouldn’t jump into monarchism, but from statism to the lack thereof to not implicitly justify the institution of government on its way out.
What about you?
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2022.01.25 02:35 WittyAd8260 [Rant][Advice]

I’m new here; sorry if I stray from any traditional formats here. Okay, here goes:
Prologue/Context: I’m 19, and therefore have used dating apps. THIS IS NOT TO ENCOURAGE ANY MINORS (17-) TO USE ANYTHING INTENDED FOR AN 18+ AUDIENCE. It’s simply part of the story and that’s all. So I met this guy, let’s call him Joe (22 at the time, 23 now) on a dating app last spring. Joe lives only an hour and a half away from me. He seemed to be the exact opposite of me, and yet we shared similar humor and seemingly clicked as far as enjoying chatting with each other goes. He’s far more macho and “Tough guy” than I am (I’m more effeminate and sensitive), and even in politics we saw some different views. Overall, seemed like black meets white, yet it felt as though we made a great shade of grey. Stupidly, we formed an online relationship a few months after getting to know each other and chatting nearly every day. We decided to remain friends after a few weeks as we had a hard time seeing eye-to-eye on certain things non-politically related. Fine, no big deal, we hardly knew each other enough for me to feel hurt. We continue to talk fairly/pretty often and, a few months later, eventually decide to make our conversations of meeting up a reality.
The Meet-Up: In late summeearly fall, we decided to finally meet up, so I went to his place (rents a small but nice house from his parents, so it’s just him and I) for the weekend, and let’s just say I left no longer a single man. Basically, upon arrival at night, after Joe had been driving me around his beautiful town and down to the shore (he lives near the beach), we were Holding hands on the empty beach, under the stars was and still is one of my most cherished memories. It was fantasy of mine up until that point when it became real. He knew just how to win me over. After a fun night there, we went back to his place. I asked if I could kiss him, and we kissed, and Kissed and cuddled, confirming our reigniting relationship. I won’t bore with details regarding the rest of our hangout, but it ended with a kiss goodbye as I left then text evening, and me saying “I love you”, him responding with a warm chuckle. So my way home, I asked Joe what we were. He said he thinks a relationship once more. I agreed. That’s the first time, and, for now, most recent time we’ve met up.
The Now: last month, I saw on one of his social media platforms that he didn’t want me see (claiming he posted things I didn’t agree about politically): a relationship status saying he is now taken and a photo of him with some girl. I texted him about it and he told me he didn’t want me going on there, and that it was best we end things. His parents are very conservative and essentially said that they’d disown him if he was in another relationship with a man (his last boyfriend wasn’t a good person, so it set a rocky path for me that crumbled beneath my feet before I could even see over the horizon). We still talk, and he actually inspired me to look into the career he’s in, as it’s something I’ve always had an interest in and wanted to try out. Bring in college this seemed like the perfect time to try it out.
But: Even when we chat over the phone, it still feels the same. Our relationship was casual, though we would also be romantic. It feels the same now minus the romance part. He recognized what he did was wrong and apologized. At one point I said to him that I miss him and he said he misses me to and that he’s happy we’re still able to be friends despite all of this. The thing is, idk how much I can trust anything he says in any regard as much as I could before. All of the red flags made sense now and I still want him back. Idk why. I just miss him terribly. He might move out of state in a few months and it hurts to know that he’s thinking of that. I once told him I had this built up rage, and just as he had done before, he said that he thinks or wonders if it’s because of him. I said it might be and that I still miss him and won’t be able to get over what he di, but that I still want him in my life. I know I shouldn’t for any of that. And that I should drop him. I know. Idk what to do and I honestly feel totally lost. Now. I’m thinking of looking into other careers than I originally had planned even prior to meeting him. One of the careers is the one he is in. Although he said from an honest, and, admittedly sensible point of view, that I wouldn’t fit in there as the ppl in that field are very different than me. And it makes sense. I’m not mad because. Well. He’s right. Feeling lost and wanting Him back, I just feel overwhelmed and idk what to do anymore. It wasn’t the dream I thought it would be to have him in my life since he’d hurt me so badly eventually, and he makes a good friend. It all just hurts. I feel bad that he felt he had to do this to me but I hate that he actually did. He said he was gonna tell me he was cheating although idk when considering the status was a month old by the time I discovered it. He claims to miss me, but seems happy with his current gf. What do I do? Sorry for the length. Thanks for reading, and any advice on what to do is greatly appreciated. Stay safe out there everyone.
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2022.01.25 02:35 LightYagami209 What if there had not only been internet but Twitter-style social media during World War 2?

What kind of tweets would world leaders or celebrities or other notable people have made? What kind of videos would have been taken? Et cetera. Who would be a viral video star ala Vine/Tiktok?
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2022.01.25 02:35 Old_Water9090 red stock market and crypto market impact on nfts

crypto is bleeding, market is bleeding, fomc meeting interest rates. will this fud will cause people to liquidated their assets (nfts) once mtl comes out? or will more people move to nfts seeing that they are not affected by this fud?
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2022.01.25 02:35 cherrypopper666 Its pretty cool that keys lose their FIR status once you take them into a raid

Really ingenious to design it that way and not inform the players. Its a very good way to make sure players have to keep going for those high traffic areas and hope there is actual loot eventually since they can no longer sell their 900k ultra medical storage key after they use it once and find bandages and medical tools aka straight up garbage. I should have read online before I tried it I guess, it sounds like that rooms been trash for a bit.
Here’s hoping another newer player sees this and takes the money instead of running around for 45 minutes solo dodging squads just to get some blue bandages.
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2022.01.25 02:35 dumbsugarplumb Little Meredith has ringworm, and I’m going to have to keep her quarantined in my bathroom until she can’t spread it to my other cat. How to I keep her entertained?

Little Meredith has ringworm, and I’m going to have to keep her quarantined in my bathroom until she can’t spread it to my other cat. How to I keep her entertained? submitted by dumbsugarplumb to cats [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 02:35 davidsack1 Sad

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2022.01.25 02:35 uThrowAwayAccount- [spoilers ep9] is there any possibility of Silco returning?

Do you think there’s any way he could come back?
Maybe in a similar way to how Vander will return as Warwick, could Silco come back as a new character? (for example, maybe Singed could experiment on his body/clone him)
Just wanted to know any possibilities as I’m a fan of the character, I think he’s well written and is an awesome villain so would love to see more of him.
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2022.01.25 02:35 pho3nixflames 18m looking for some chill long term friends

I can be really shy at first but I'm an open book after I get to know you some. I'm into music, writing, and some sports. Oh, and anime. Please don't DM me if you're just going to ghost me after a couple messages. I don't ghost people either. It would be nice to have someone to talk to every day. I'm not picky about who I talk to so feel free to hmu. Thanks for reading!
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2022.01.25 02:35 _schapper just wanted so show off some untouched shots from testing out my new camera. feel free to drop some advice/requests (why not?) below for future photos

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2022.01.25 02:35 help-me-dear-lord I need some help/guidance

I’ve gotten a calling to start a Tik Tok account to help spread the gospel and evangelize like it says in the Bible, but I don’t know what material to put in the video or where I can find some. Any advice is much appreciated as this is my first time trying something like this. God bless you all!
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2022.01.25 02:35 EncryptedSnowstorm If anyone who used to be shadowbanned and is now unbanned is reading this: how long did it take to get your account back?

I sent in an appeal like 2-3 days ago and zero response. I didn't even get like a "we received your appeal" message or anything... also doesn't seem they have to respond at all, for all I know some dude looked at it for 5 seconds and went "nahlmao" and denied my request and I'm never getting my account back. Or they never got the message at all. Ugh...
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2022.01.25 02:35 Smuggred how majority of this subreddit thinks.

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2022.01.25 02:35 WarWolf343 [Comic Excerpt] "I don't know about favorite..." (Wonder Girl Vol 3 #7)

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2022.01.25 02:35 Gatimon I enjoyed my camping adventure because I slept in an amazing tent

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2022.01.25 02:35 sgtcoffman Hdmi 2.1 ultrawide curved monitor?

I'm looking for an ultrawide curved monitor that has hdmi 2.1 and g sync compatibility at least. Do you guys have any suggestions? I know 2.1 limits me quite a bit, but I'd like to be able to use it on my PC and my Xbox series x, which need 2.1 to utilize the 120 fps. Am I going to just have to wait for technology to catch up a bit or are there decent options? Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.25 02:35 _kiminara /MoldyMemes Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.25 02:35 TheUglyTruth527 My 40k army is all on mini dioramas so this feels empty, what do you all think? Will Nagash's most loyal servants look good on something like this? Suggestions welcome.

My 40k army is all on mini dioramas so this feels empty, what do you all think? Will Nagash's most loyal servants look good on something like this? Suggestions welcome. submitted by TheUglyTruth527 to ossiarchbonereapers [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 02:35 Sad-Job-5183 Marry the Momma's Boy?

Hi. My fiance (m41)and I(f34) have been together for 3 and half years. His father was sick when we met and I noticed that he was really close to his mother. When his father passed I got worried that it would get worst. For a while it did, but then she got a boyfriend. She spends alot of time in VA with her boyfriend. He basically lives with me even though he goes over just about every day when she us home. If he is not there they text throughout the day. On Saturday we were putting together furniture and I said of course your my favorite person, he responded well your up there but Mom is my favorite. I am not sure if I'm crazy but part of me feels like I should walk away now. I feel like the older she get the worst he is going to get.
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2022.01.25 02:35 daenerys111 NA p4 mid lane looking for a duo :)

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