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Online class

2022.01.25 03:03 GregariousNFT Online class

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2022.01.25 03:03 No-Influence80 UTS Bachelor of Communication (digital and social media)

I have an atar of 70.50, with adjustment points it’s 75.50. It’s says the lowest selection rank is 77. Has anyone gotten in with a lower atar then the lowest selection rank? I’m thinking of applying in the next uac round
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2022.01.25 03:03 Cro-Matic-Moon Crypto.com Price Prediction: CRO risks further fall, 50% correction imminent I see VVS doing the same

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2022.01.25 03:03 itsnoterik Claire checks in on off-duty Crystal and Gunner

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2022.01.25 03:03 BlackmoreKnight Patch 6.08 Notes

This is the one: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/9325d2a5dae2ac34b9f970c803848e8fb1c3aaf7
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2022.01.25 03:03 Jaxoross I would love to see a Stormlight series from Fortiche, the studio behind Arcane

While it wouldn't be Riot behind the creation and production, I think Fortiche could work with Sandy boi to make one hell of an adaptation. The unique animation style would match the Stormlight Archive so well IMO. Imagine seeing the Shattered Plains, Shard Plate, Spren, and even the Spheres in all their animated glory.
Plus, I feel like animation would allow us a more true-to-style adaptation rather than having to work around a CGI budget in a live action version. Anyway, that's my piece!
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2022.01.25 03:03 N3tw0rkl1v3 Quieren server de discord?

Será más variado
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2022.01.25 03:03 swagNextTuber Why Is North Korea Suddenly Launching So Many Missiles?

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2022.01.25 03:03 One_Dark1296 Gotta love this page😂🚀🌚

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2022.01.25 03:03 GRdbayIM I would spend all of my investment money on @DefiBay. Because it has a strong Usecase which have very bright future. This is not financial advice. Just my beliefs..

Pay with crypto is going to be a huge trend this year. #DefiBay is leading the Retail, so #Dbay is probably the best blockchain investment opportunity of the year!
CA :0xFC563895C1D5BB779685fB3d2ec09f5Fa5B6473c
BUY : 6% SELL : 14%. This 14% will go down by 1% every Saturday and Wednesday until it reaches 6% as well.
Website : www.defibay.app
TG : https://t.me/DefiBayOfficial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/DefiBayOfficial
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2022.01.25 03:03 Excellent_Bend_3973 How can I improve this deck??

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2022.01.25 03:03 culinary_alchemist WoT pickup lines?

Just found a guy on OkCupid who listed WoT as their favorite book and all kinds of other great match-worthy things. So I googled WoT pickup lines… most were pretty awful/too crude for a true pick up line, but I went with “You must be from Tel'aran'rhiod 'cause you look like you walked out of my dreams.”
Sadly I pushed send and then realized I get no more messages unless he responds, so no explanation or anything. Hope it works! But I thought I’d open it up to this group- what are some good WoT pickup lines. Particularly from a girl to a guy! You know, for all the OTHER guys who are gonna lead with that in their online dating profile.
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2022.01.25 03:03 GameOnBrother Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin's Final Trailer Features Frank Sinatra

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2022.01.25 03:03 TheUltimateGoldenBul Av. Paulista

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2022.01.25 03:03 snooocrash Inflation expectations and mortgage options for existing PPOR

What's everyone thinking about the inflation the coming yeayears? Is it likely we will see similar numbers to US , UK or europe? Seems its on its way up everywhere ATM.
I'v been with the same lender for 2 years and paying 2.6% variable rate (have not tried to negotiate rates). Just looking at said lenders webpage they advertise variable rates of 1.8%. Should maybe have called them earlier but just asked their retention team what the best variable, and 1,3,5 year fixed rates would look like.
Anyone else looking to refinance? What is your reasoning and logic around expectations on these times? I know fixed have already gone up, but guessing you can still hedge quite a bit against more extreme rises..
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2022.01.25 03:03 xermo So in the US, the reason why living expenses are so astronomically unaffordable are because the richest billionaires have such a high percentage of the wealth?

Which back in say, the 80s or 90s, they didn’t have that much of the wealth. So since they are hoarding it, that’s causing the rest of us to suffer?
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2022.01.25 03:03 HARNITH-EVILL Wo

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2022.01.25 03:03 NeckBackground3832 Me posting about my journey to 100% AC Origins!

Hey guys! one of my first long posts so ill try to make it as coherent as possible! Basically i have always loved get 100% on games. Or should i say, hated NOT having 100% lol. I have gotten 100% on games like AC Black Flag, Zelda BOTW, Mario Odyssey, a LOT of the lego games, etc. I got AC Origins about 2-3 days ago. For sure my new fav AC. (previous was black flag). I have 55% on it and going strong and i thought i would share some of my habits and rituals when it comes to fully completing games! (maybe you guys might find this somewhat helpful). So when i first play a game through i NEVER skip a cutscene. I like playing through and experiencing the game how it was meant to be played. In the first couple areas that you can go to, i search EVERYWHERE, and try to see what i can do to my full extent in that area. I try and finish every single quest i come to until i get farther in the story. In Origins, i fully completed Siwa before i even moved on with the story. I then like to play through the story a bit and take a break from the grinding. I then try to get as many synchronization points as i can. (thats usually the one thing i finish first). Then i play through the story, play quests that i need to level up so i can play the story. Then i fully upgrade armour, gear, and tools. Once the full main story is completed, i like to dedicate entire game sessions to fully completing a region. I predict i might 100% origins within a week and a half. at this rate, maybe even faster. (sorry this post was so shit. remember, its my first one lol). well wish me luck! ill keep people updated if anybody cares <3
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2022.01.25 03:03 SteO153 Aboriginal flag: Australian government secures copyright after row

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2022.01.25 03:03 T33n_T1t4n5 Bro what is Riot doing?

Did anyone else just get two new patch updates without the client changing in any way? Nothing new happened. So wtf was the update? I can't find info on anything about a scheduled patch this is so annoying.
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2022.01.25 03:03 CathleenBurt Bankers NFT Collection

Bankers NFT Collection NFTs are definitely the newest craze in the crypto world today. NFT sales have generated a staggering $25B in 2021. And this year, as the interest for NFTs continue to surge, the figures are likely to spike.
In December 2021, Unbanked announced the launching of “Bankers NFT”, a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum network. The “Bankers NFT” was a collaboration with Antione Mingo, the digital artist behind the successful “Pudgy Penguins”
Grab the chance to get your own “Bankers NFT” by joining the drop on the 31st of January.
Check details here: https://unbanked.com/bankers
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2022.01.25 03:03 antonno69 I'm i right? I see her everywhere

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2022.01.25 03:03 SumacLemonade “Bombs Away”

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2022.01.25 03:03 Blooooooop11 Question….. should I spend 1.6k gems on 4 Harley Quinn S2 set or 1.6k gems on wall e?

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2022.01.25 03:03 Cardsvolt Taxes

Anyone else not have Cerner take out Federal tax and not sure why?
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