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[Walmart] Factory Refurbished LG 14,000 BTU White Dual Inverter Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner $255 [Deal Price: $255.00]

2022.01.25 02:45 BroMandi [Walmart] Factory Refurbished LG 14,000 BTU White Dual Inverter Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner $255 [Deal Price: $255.00]

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2022.01.25 02:45 hopeless_romantic229 I can’t get over this girl because she’s just amazing

I mean she’s just an awesome person she’s the best woman I’ve ever met I just can’t get over her I tried moving on I tried everything but she’s just amazing I feel like I’m falling apart but I know that I can’t get over this girl
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2022.01.25 02:45 Little_Particular_90 Got my Shadow PC early

Been waiting since New Years and said it would be ready by March 1st. Just got access today and pretty happy about it being so early
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2022.01.25 02:45 Radionuclide-NEO Look at the night sky, it’s amazing that you can see M31 or Andromeda Galaxy as most know it as.

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2022.01.25 02:45 Holamoncat Chemin de la Mâture

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2022.01.25 02:45 EdwinTorres09 I love this set!

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2022.01.25 02:45 therealmikelee Death Trooper

Hey guys, I've been looking for a Star Wars Death Trooper figure for quite some time now. They look badass and I haven't gotten one for 3 years. I've been looking at the SHF version, but do you guys have any other recommendations? I just don't know a lot of companies that made the Death Trooper.
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2022.01.25 02:45 luvrrofbbw Smack it

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2022.01.25 02:45 GrimValor8 Hey before you go duel u/SirSnickersnee, take this for a higher chance of victory. Good luck, Traveller

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2022.01.25 02:45 Only_Halfway_Gay Never go into Whiterock Ravine after dark

I live alone in a small apartment at the top of Whiterock Ravine. It was a miracle really, as a couch-surfing undergrad student, to find an affordable apartment in one of the nicest neighbourhoods in the city. The view of the sprawling river valley and ravine that wrapped around the area was only blocked by a row of mansion’s lining the cliffside.
It was my cities biggest claim to fame, miles and miles of bike trails and hiking paths running through the city like a massive ant colony. My favourite one was the gravel trail through the neighbouring ravine. The mouth of the ravine began at a riverside camp ground and park, the entrance of the trail an old wood bridge crossing a rocky creek that snaked it's way into the trees. I often went jogging through this trail in the mornings, indulging in the crunch of leaves under my foot and the soft chatter of birds and squirrels above. The ravine stretched deep into the city and the walkable trail fizzled out after a while. Massive cliffs marked the edges of the ravine, hardly visible over the trees. My jogs usually ended around an old gas pipeline bridge, an old rusted thing that spanned the ravine. Here I would take a rest on the hillside below it, making the moment last as long as I could before heading back towards the parking lot.
The city that was built around the ravine felt much more bleak. I had moved out of my fathers house shortly after coming out as bi, hoping to find more freedom to express myself on my own. Living off of student loans and odd jobs, my social life mainly consisted of smoking joints down by the river with some friends from uni or going on long walks exploring the local trails.
Around the time I first moved into my new apartment, I had been using online dating to meet guys around the city. It was a rarely successful endeavour but I persisted. After some time I matched with a cute red headed boy who I'll refer to as Ben. Ben was a quiet and timid arts student, a nice departure from some of the more forward men I'd met online. After a week of back and forth messages, we agreed to meet for a coffee date that weekend.
Come Sunday evening that week, I slipped on a denim jacket and nervously headed out to a small coffee shop on campus. By the time I got there he was already waiting for me at a table. I was not the most confident guy, but after buying me a coffee and laughing at some of my awkward attempts at puns, I began to relax with him. He was a funny, kind guy and I felt as though I could talk with him about anything immediately. After a few hours of lively conversation, we both became aware of the café becoming quieter and the sun outside the window creeping below the horizon.
Not wanting the date to end yet, I panicked to think of something to do this late on a Sunday. Noticing a couple of stars shining through the cities haze, I thought of how amazing the view must be from the ravine, far from intruding lights.
Asking a hesitant Ben to trust me, we headed out of the café and off in my truck. Just off one of the main roads through the valley, a pair of long decommissioned wood gates opened onto the gravel road of Whiterock Park. The road weaved through picnic sites and overgrown trees, sparsely lit by a handful of streetlights. The road eventually stopped at a small parking lot in front of a wall of trees and the old wood bridge.
As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed an old white car parked there already, a few meters away four high school age kids sat around a fire pit. The group watched us pull into a stall close by and I saw one of the boys wave to us. Ben scanned the tree line in front of us completely oblivious, seeming more on edge then before.
"Where is this?" He asked with some curiosity.
I explained to him how I lived close by and would often jog the trail. Exiting the truck, the stars certainly seemed more vibrant in the sky then before, though I couldn't help but feel annoyed at the whispers and occasional glances from the group of teens nearby. I had hoped we would have the place to ourselves at this time of night. Ben shuffled uncomfortably behind me, and in a last attempt to recapture the moment, I made an offer.
"There's a spot inside the trail actually, over by the old pipeline bridge. It's got some killer views if you wanted to check it out."
Ben raised his eyebrow.
"You want to go in there? It's nearly midnight you're not gonna be able to see shit in there" he laughed, a little relieved.
"Why not? We can use my phone as a flashlight if you're scared" I teased. "Plus, it'll give us a chance to try this" as I revealed a joint I had concealed in my coat pocket.
Ben smirked and followed my lead as I crossed the wood bridge, the flickering of the fire and the teens voices becoming muffled as we passed into the trees. I had never been in the ravine at night, and I had to admit it was creepy. I wasn't worried about wildlife as nothing bigger than a rabbit usually came this close to the city, but the darkness seemed to swallow them whole. The flashlight barely penetrated the darkness, only showing a few metres ahead of them at a time. Ben held my hand and I could tell he was feeling a bit paranoid from the weed. His eyes flicked between every sound rustling through the branches and his grip on my hand began to become painful.
After about 15 minutes we reached a fork in the path. I knew from previous explorations that the path to the right was a dead end, the creek at some point had washed out the trail just past the pipeline. The left one continued deeper into the forest and was where I was attempting to lead us.
I squeezed Ben's hand in excitement, momentarily startling him.
"We're almost there, it's just a little ways further!"
While Ben still seemed apprehensive, he nodded back at me anyways. Our eyes had adjusted to the dark surroundings and there was no doubt the ravine was somewhat peaceful at night. Moonlight danced across our faces, peeking through the branches above us. Ben kicked at the gravel every few steps, smiling to himself.
"I mean, it is kind of-" Ben started before tripping over a large root on the path. I couldn't help but snort with laughter as he clutched at my arm, regaining his balance.
"That's it, lets go back, this is stupid." Ben pulled away from me, and I momentarily worried I'd pushed it too far. I was ready to admit defeat and turn back when I noticed Ben was still stopped in the path, in the midst of brushing himself off, staring over my shoulder.
"You good man?" I asked before he brushed past me.
I followed his gaze to see a break in the trees ahead, the path sloping down towards the creek. The clearing was deep into the ravine, the last bridge over the creek before the pipeline. The creek was shallow here, leaving a swampy mess of mud that spanned across the ravine. Any trees that had grown here had long fallen into the murky water in front of us. Unlike the other crossings, this bridge was an older walkway, the rotting planks sinking beneath every step, mud oozing between the cracks like pus. Ben took no notice of this, stepping out onto the bridge, staring in awe at the sky above. The walls of stone and trees on either side gave the effect of being the size of an ant, gazing up at a sky that felt impossibly far above.
I walked up beside him, leaning on the railing beside him. He moved closer to me, still staring at the stars dotting the sky above. I held my breath as I felt his back rest against my chest, realizing this was the closest we'd been to each other all night.
"It's beautiful out here" Ben whispered. I smiled, placing my arm around his waist.
"This isn't even the best part, come on, the spot is just around the next curve, look" I pointed up above the tree line, the red stripe of the pipeline now visible ahead. Ben relaxed again, and together we crossed the bridge, moving back into the darkness of the trees.
Sure enough, coming around the end of the bend in the path revealed the massive concrete podium sunken into the ground. The twisted metal structure that grew from it could have camouflaged in the trees if not for it's distinct red rusted colour. The structure must have been almost twenty stories tall, the pipeline looming above our heads. The hillside next to the tower had had it's trees cleared at some point for maintenance, and it was this spot that I had in mind.
"Here, there's a bit of a path here, make sure to step where I step" I instructed, leading Ben up the side of the steep slope. About halfway up the hillside it became too difficult to climb any further up, and I found a flat enough spot in the grass to sit in. Ben lowered himself down beside me, gazing out at the view ahead of him.
From our position we could look down over some of the shorter trees, seeing the creek wash under the bridge and into the dark trees beyond. Directly across from us was the other end of the bridge, the trees around a second tower on the other side of the ravine also missing. To the left of the clearing I could see where the trail had collapsed into the creek bed. Above us a full moon shone down on us, and at last we could see the entirety of the night sky above.
Ben leaned back onto the grass and I followed. The sky above was full of twinkling stars, the vastness of space above us instantly taking my breath away. I felt the world around me melt away, the isolation and silence pressing in on me, suddenly feeling miles away from any form of civilization.
"Hey," Ben nudged me "you got a light for that then?"
I snapped back to the ravine, looking back at Ben, who gestured towards my pocket. I had completely forgot about the joint in my coat.
"Yeah, right!" I pulled a black lighter out from my other pocket, fumbling to light the slightly crushed joint. Ben took it from my fingers, taking a long drag from it and falling back onto the grass. I leaned back to join him again. The cold of the night and the damp grass seemed to finally become noticeable, and Ben pulled himself closer to my body. I looked into his hazy green eyes, seeing him focus back on mine. I didn't want to move too fast on the first date, but at this point we were in the middle of a forest stargazing anyways so why not. I leaned forward and kissed him. Ben pulled back after a moment, flushing red.
"Ah shit, it went out." Ben stuttered, looking down at the now extinguished joint in his hand. I felt myself get warm with embarrassment and sat up, reaching back into my pocket for the lighter.
It was at this moment something across the ravine caught my eye. A bright red light glared between the trees, emanating from the clearing across from us. It took my eyes a moment to adjust to the new source of light before realizing what I was looking at. A circle of fire had been lit on the hillside. A perfect circle of at least 6 foot tall flames. I felt my breathe catch in my throat, not moving.
"What are you-" Ben sat up next to me, stopping when he saw the fire. "What the fuck is that?"
I didn't answer. Every muscle in my body had seized up at once. Everything about this felt wrong. The only way a fire would have started in the middle of the ravine was if it was started by someone else. There was no way it was a coincidence that it had been lit in perfect view of us, the fire lit at a height that would create a perfect circle from our perspective. The worst realization was that the fire had to have been lit in the past couple minutes, while we had been distracted by the stars. With no other exit to the trail except the one we had entered, it meant whoever had lit that fire was still in the ravine with us, and they knew exactly where we were.
"Ben, come on, we need to go" I pulled him up, the joint dropping into the grass at our feet. Ben's eyes were now wide with fear, and I practically dragged him down the hill side, slipping on loose rocks and roots. By the time we reached the path below, the flames had already begun to shrink.
"This is wrong man, what do we do? We need to call someone, we need help!" Ben began panicking, his breaths coming in gasps between each word. He pulled out his cellphone, fumbling to unlock it.
"Hey wait man hold on" I grabbed his arm "Look the fire is already going out, it must've been lit with gas right? It was probably those kids from the parking lot remember? If you call the police and they show up with us high, smoking in the middle of the forest at night, claiming we saw fire they'll think we’re the assholes who did this right?" I tried to calm him down, but I was genuinely nervous. I couldn't imagine being arrested and having to have my father bail me out, if he even would. I also wanted to believe it was okay, cause the alternative was much more unsettling.
Ben was clearly uncomfortable now, trembling and glancing around at every noise around us. I wrapped my arm around his waist once more and guided him back around the bend in the path, assuring him that I would get us back to the truck and take him home. I felt my own heart racing in my chest, continuously assuring myself that it was just those teens playing some weird demented prank on us.
Just as the clearing came into view again the sound of something moving in the trees across the creek caused us to both freeze. I stared into the trees, my mouth agape, waiting for another sound to follow.
"Fuck this" Ben squeaked out, and suddenly turned and bolted.
"Wait!" I yelped, stumbling to follow him, my eyes wide in terror.
Ben made it almost halfway across the walkway before one of his legs dropped through a rotted plank. He let out a painful cry as the murky water swirled around him, the rest of the planks groaning under the sudden weight.
"Oh fuck" I carefully crept across the bridge to him, tears welling in my eyes as panic set in. Ben's upper half lay slouched on the walkway, whimpering to himself as he tried to free his leg from the mud.
"I got you man, hold on don't move too much" I bit my lip, hearing the boards creaking beneath my added weight. "You need to push yourself up using the railings, I'm gonna pull on your leg alright?" Ben nodded, his face streaked with tears. I grabbed hold of his thigh just above the knee, leaning back and praying the rest of the bridge would hold up.
A large splash echoed out across the clearing. We both froze. It had come from the other side of the creek, where we had heard the noise moments before. The water was far too dark to make out anything, but the noise had been undeniable.
"Pull me up, pull me up, pull me the FUCK UP!" Ben began to thrash and I heard another board snap under him. I didn't hesitate and pulled with all my strength, Ben crying out as his leg came free from the mud, missing a shoe and with a large gash where the broken board had scratched him. Ben's words were incoherent now, and I struggled to pull him upright, stepping over the hole in the bridge. I looked back at the creek, and I could swear I saw something move amongst the boulders around the bank on our side.
Ben limped weakly next to me as I pulled him forward back into the trees. Adrenaline and fear pumped through me as we traversed the trail, totally blind to anything except the path in front of me.
The path soon forked in two directions, and I realize we are close to the entrance again. With a new sense of relief I pulled the still crying Ben forward, momentarily looking back. I saw nothing in the darkness, and turned back to the path, limping ahead.
Soon after I saw a gleam of light break through the trees ahead. The parking lot was just around the next corner. I slowed down, the adrenaline subsiding, leaving an aching pain in my shoulder from carrying Ben's weight and feeling completely drained. Ben limped over to a tree trunk at the side of the path, letting out a defeated laugh, his eyes gleaming in the new light. As I took one slow deep breath after another, I noticed the ravine was silent for the first time that night. There was no wind in the branches, and I strained my ears, hearing no squirrels, birds, frogs, hell even the mosquitoes were gone. It was as if the ravine itself had stopped all at once, holding it's breath for what came next.
The crack of several branches snapping rang out across the path, and I watched as a massive, dark being almost 10 feet tall took a step out of the darkness of the trees directly behind Ben. He turned in awe as the towering creature paused just outside the path. In the faint light through the trees I could see only the faintest silhouette, but enough to make my heart stop. Shaggy and matted black hair covered the being, it's shape resembled a grizzly bear and a moose combined, shattered antlers, emerging through tufts of hair on what I assumed was it's head. It let out a snorted breath, and I felt it's hot breath from below.
The next thing I knew I was running, Ben limping beside me, running faster than I ever had until I heard the thumps of the last wood bridge below my feet. We emerged into the parking lot, the sound of distant traffic returning. As I searched my pockets for my keys, I couldn't help but notice that the fire pit had been long extinguished and my truck was the only remaining vehicle in the parking lot. I shoved a now catatonic Ben into the passenger seat and ran to my own door. Pulling myself in I paused only momentarily to look back into the mouth of the trail, scanning for any movement. I half expected to see some horrid creature come bounding out, chasing us down. But there was nothing.
My tires kicked up a cloud of dust as I swerved out of the parking lot and back up the road through the park. I tried to coax Ben to talk to me but he didn't say a word. Just sat there, staring ahead, soaked in mud and blood. I dropped him off back at the now closed café, and only left once I had walked him back to his car. I didn't know what else to do, to be honest I was in shock still, and I didn't even think of whether Ben ended up okay until long after.
I never heard from Ben again. His profiles disappeared from my phone after that night and I can't blame him. It was one of the most terrifying nights of my life and I always regretted bringing him there.
I still live in the apartment at the top of Whiterock Ravine, I didn't have anywhere else to go after. I never venture onto the trails anymore, I jog through the streets of the neighbourhood instead. I'm writing this story from my apartment right now, 3 years later.
I just came back inside from my balcony actually. I went out for a smoke, watching my breath drift upwards into the night when I saw it. Between the houses across the street the darkness in the trees moved. Just for a second.
I don't know what's out there, but I know this much. Don't ever go into Whiterock Ravine after dark.
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2022.01.25 02:45 T123456n Emilia Clarke

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2022.01.25 02:45 lem0npi starfell valley exploration

ive been stuck on 99% exploration for a while now, and just cant seem to get the last few things. I've used the compass everywhere, watched videos on secret chests and used the interactive maps, any tips?
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2022.01.25 02:45 Cyborg_XD Outjerked

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2022.01.25 02:45 Balisii Slowly but surly.

I used to play YGO a lot a few years ago so I have a good grasp on the majority of the new stuff, but tell me why I just learned what co linking was…
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2022.01.25 02:45 unclenick314 Distance to ping

Can the ping show how many meters with a number? It be nice after hitting that long head shot to see how far it was. I need this added
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2022.01.25 02:45 wacali Comparing the new Advanced Battle Pass to the old (and also VIPe Sub/Value Sub)

I took a shot at comparing these 4 P2W Options to see what was the most bang for your buck. A couple of Notes:
*I took the middle probability assuming fair distribution (IE 25000-30000 coins = value of 27,500 coins) or if something had a 0-1 drop option I assumed 0.5 (could be a bit off) *Equipment was converted into common stacks and then 30 gems per, IE a purple item = 27 commons = 810 gems. *Jewels were converted to level 1 and then 6.17 gems each (based on mine event of 1 level 5 jewel = 81 level 1's for 500 gems 500/81=6.17. Gems) *Shards I assumed 100 gem value each *Purple KEy = 260 gems
*For the ABP & BP I converted every item possible into it's corresponding gem value (examples above) for comparison sake. The remaining items are pretty insignificant so they were ignored. The other perks are compared thereafter:
. | ABP | BP | VIP Sub | Value Sub Gem Value | 16005 | 8846 | 6083 | 1520 Cost | 16 | 5 | 10 | 3 Gem/$ | 1000 | 1769 | 608 | 507 Quick Raids | +30% Coins | +3 raids | +4 raids | +3 Raids Patrol Rewards | +20% Coins | +10% XP | 0 | 0 Hatch Increase | +100% | 0 | +100% | +30% ADS | Skip All | Minimal Skip | Minimal Skip | 0 Drops | 0 | +10% Equipment drops | +10% Jewel Drops | 0 Other | 0 | Energy Increase to 30 | +5 Farm Visits | +50 Battlepass XP
The Battle Pass has by far the best Gem Value per dollar at 1769 gems, 2nd best is the new Advanced Battle Pass at 1000 Gems per dollar. Even the worst (Value sub) at 507 gems/dollar is much better than buying gems (not to mention the other "non gem" benefits"
For the Non Gem Benefits there is some personal preference, but in my ranking the ABP is the best by a good amount, the BP and VIP Sub are pretty close (100% Hatch increase elevates the VIP Sub) and the Value sub is a distant 4th.
Note this does not account for the time delta (month for Subs, 13 days for BP) which does change things a bit.
My Conclusion: BP>ABP>VIP SUB>Value SUB
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2022.01.25 02:45 Alyzzar [PC/PS4/Switch] Looking for RPG with character creation

This is my first time on gamingsuggestions, so pardon any missing info. I'm looking for an in-depth RPG with good character creation. Preferrably a game with modern graphics that allows customization of both the character's face and equipped gear, as well as customization in terms of skills/abilities you unlock.
Regarding gameplay, I prefer PvE games where practice/skill matters more than upgrading gear. I particularly like games like Monster Hunter since your mastery over the weapon matters more than the 10% difference between weapon upgrades. I'll still play and enjoy games with traditional skill trees though.
And before people recommend MMORPGs, I don't really enjoy games with MMORPG or MOBA style controls. The only exception has been Black Desert, since I was able to rebind the controls.
My computer has a Ryzen 5 3600x, GTX 1080, 32GB Ram.
Below is a list of games that I've played that match the above. (Somewhat ordered in order of time played/enjoyment)

  1. Warframe
  2. Monster Hunter World
  3. Code Vein
  4. Neir Automata (No character customization)
  5. Black Desert
  6. Skyrim (No DLC, but heavily modded)
  7. Horizon Zero Dawn (Only armor customization)
  8. Jedi Fallen Order (No character customization)
  9. Cyberpunk (Gear levelling felt like it mattered more than gameplay though)
  10. Destiny 2 (DLC model pushed me away)
  11. For Honor (This was a few years ago, felt a little too slow-paced at the time though)
I've also tried the God Eater (1, 2), Dark Souls (1, 3), and some others that probably slipped my mind.
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2022.01.25 02:45 boredom2150 F22 College Volleyball🏐

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2022.01.25 02:45 Saltedline S. Korea's economy grows 4 pct in 2021, highest in 11 years

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2022.01.25 02:45 Flof0w0 So can I apply for jobs without a collage degree ?

I wanna apply for jobs without qualifications or requirements ( personal reasons ) .
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2022.01.25 02:45 Strange_Line_799 Server Update 1/24 Anyone who posts any of the “make me cum” challenges will be banned from the server effective immediately. I am trying and will continue to try to make this server only for sienna and will try to keep y’all’s feeds clean of those annoying overused images.

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2022.01.25 02:45 crytoloover HOW TO USE TRUST WALLET IN YOUR COMPUTER #crytocurrency #trustwallet #BINANCE | Road to 100 subs |

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2022.01.25 02:45 OhCryMark Run, run as fast as you can; you can’t catch, me I’m ____________ !

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2022.01.25 02:45 crytoloover Shiba Inu Coin Partnership With Gamestop And Price Will Skyrocket Soon!!

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2022.01.25 02:45 Nimius88 There is no way I can fail!

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