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Edinburgh Castle – Scotland

"Castle" is a crime solving series that has intrigue, romance and humor. The story-line revolves around a beautiful police detective (Kate Beckett - Stana Katic)) who is tasked with solving murders in New York City and a handsome, rich and well connected murder/mystery novelist (Richard Castle - Nathan Fillion). Find out how to watch Castle. Stream the latest seasons and episodes, watch trailers, and more for Castle at TV Guide Castle was a huge fan favorite, but by the time the show reached season 8, it seemed no one was happy. There were rumors of infighting behind the scenes, which led to fewer and fewer scenes filmed ... Castle is an American crime mystery/comedy-drama television series, which aired on ABC for a total of eight seasons from March 9, 2009, to May 16, 2016. The series was produced jointly by Beacon Pictures and ABC Studios.. Created by Andrew W. Marlowe, it primarily traces the lives of Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), a best-selling mystery novelist, and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), a homicide ... Castle: Created by Andrew W. Marlowe. With Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Jon Huertas. After a serial killer imitates the plots of his novels, successful mystery novelist Richard "Rick" Castle receives permission from the Mayor of New York City to tag along with an NYPD homicide investigation team for research purposes. Castle ist mitunter etwas unreif, eitel und überheblich, aber wenn es die Situation erfordert, ist auf ihn immer Verlass. Castle verwertet seine Erlebnisse bei der Polizeiarbeit schließlich in einer Romanreihe um die fiktive Polizistin Nikki Heat. Diese Figur basiert auf dem Vorbild Becketts, die so wider Willen zu Castles Muse wird. Im Laufe ... Castle (TV Series 2009–2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. A castle is a type of fortified structure built during the Middle Ages predominantly by the nobility or royalty and by military orders.Scholars debate the scope of the word castle, but usually consider it to be the private fortified residence of a lord or noble. This is distinct from a palace, which is not fortified; from a fortress, which was not always a residence for royalty or nobility ... Castle fans are still reeling years after the show's cancellation. The reason behind the sudden death of the series? A feud between leading stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. As star-crossed ... (REColorado) For Sale: 4 beds, 3 baths ∙ 2370 sq. ft. ∙ 486 Balsa Dr, Castle Rock, CO 80104 ∙ $554,900 ∙ MLS# 9159867 ∙ Prepare to fall in love with this beautiful 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, single-family home in...

2022.01.25 03:03 Acceptable-Guess-535 Edinburgh Castle – Scotland

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2022.01.25 03:03 idareyoudude Do you remember the first monster you tried ?

Just curious if anyone else remembers or if you maybe just decided “sure why not!” one day . My mom used to chug Mean Bean monsters all the time when I was little . I got to try it when I was old enough and it was the only one I was brave enough to try until Pipeline Punch .
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2022.01.25 03:03 sharewithme Word of The Hour: unlade

unlade: to take the load from
See tree for unlade: https://treegledictionary.org/define/unlade
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2022.01.25 03:03 trezebot [Rassegna Stampa] 25 January 2022 - Summary of Juventus news from Italy, translated

Here is summary of Juventus news from Italy:
Juventibus Large with small, small with large 24 January 2022 - by Alex Campanelli
Faced with these numbers, it would be easy to say that Juve has not improved at all in 4 months, that Allegri's work is still at the starting point and that a group has been thrown to the wind, but that's not the case.
Against the small, Juve is increasingly taking to the field as a great team, as a team that, despite all the defects of the case, wants to bend the game to its will.
We often hear it wrongly said that Juventus has always won suffering, a corollary of the classic mantra "great games are not played, they are won", but how many have Juve won?
Why, in this Serie A, even the little ones can play with the big players without fear but Juve are the only team that can't afford it?
Which great players will want to join a team that has never shone in cartel games?
TopTweets Milan-Juve 0-0 #JvtbLive 24 January 2022 - by Juventibus
Juventibus is the portal for Juventus and for Juventus.
Here all the latest news on Juventus: rumors about the Juventus transfer market, the match calendar and the results updated in real time.
There is no shortage of insights, analyzes, ideas, gufades and conspiracies: only on juventibus.com!
JuventusNews24 Morata Barcelona, ​​Vlahovic frees the Spaniard! The latest January 25, 2022 - by JuventusNews24 editorial team
LISTEN Listen to the audio version of the article Morata Barcelona: the possible arrival of Vlahovic will free the Spanish striker Dusan Vlahovic is fast approaching Juventus.
In the last few hours, the Bianconeri have started negotiations with Fiorentina, and Sportitalia talks about an agreement already reached between the two clubs.
At the same time, the possible arrival of Vlahovic would free Alvaro Morata at Barcelona.
The Blaugrana club is always at the window and ready to close immediately for the former Real and Atletico Madrid.
To report it is El Chiringuito TV.
Juve press review: sports newspapers front pages - 25 January 2022 January 24, 2022 - by JuventusNews24 editorial team
Vlahovic Juve, Sportitalia: agreement reached with Fiorentina! Figures and details January 24, 2022 - by JuventusNews24 editorial team
Latest Juve: agreement with Fiorentina for Vlahovic! Figures and details January 24, 2022 - by JuventusNews24 editorial team
The last hours of the day at the Juventus home Latest news Juve Monday 24 January Vlahovic Juve, Sportitalia: agreement reached with Fiorentina!
The turning point in the last few hours: Juve, thanks to their agreement with the player, accelerated to bring the forward immediately to Turin.
According to reports from Sportitalia, Juventus have also reached an agreement with Fiorentina.
Cherubini was clear: any alternative to Vlahovic must be low-cost, because the great dream for the attack is the Serbian.
Milan Juve, the slow motion of the newspapers: "Obvious penalty denied by Di Bello" 8.30 - The slow motion of the newspapers diè in slight contrast.
Vlahovic Juve, fans crazy on social networks: the reactions - GALLERY January 24, 2022 - by JuventusNews24 editorial team
Vlahovic Juve, figures and details of the offer to Fiorentina! Latest January 24, 2022 - by JuventusNews24 editorial team
LISTEN Listen to the audio version of the article Vlahovic Juve: the offer to be presented to Fiorentina is ready.
La Gazzetta dello Sport has published important updates on the future of Dusan Vlahovic.
Juve have already reached an agreement with the player and are now preparing the offer for Fiorentina.
As reported on gazzetta.it, Juventus plans to close the deal in a few days, without arriving on Monday, the last market day.
Cash offer around 60 million, with a five-year contract for 7 million euros per season to the player.
Bernardeschi Inter, Marotta at the window! Details January 24, 2022 - by JuventusNews24 editorial team
LISTEN Listen to the audio version of the article Bernardeschi Inter: the Nerazzurri club is also monitoring the situation of the Juventus winger expiring in June Inter are thinking of Federico Bernardeschi.
The Juventus winger is still expiring in June and has not reached an agreement for renewal with the Juventus club.
At the window, like this, there is also Marotta: as reported by Sportitalia, in fact, Inter also takes into consideration the profile of the Juventus player in view of next summer.
The Juventus club is warned.
Ramsey Juve, the Welshman continues to reject all offers! And the resolution ... January 24, 2022 - by JuventusNews24 editorial team
LISTEN Listen to the audio version of the article Ramsey Juve: the Welsh midfielder continues not to open to proposals from the Premier League.
At Juventus, the situation of Aaron Ramsey, the first name to come out in this winter session, always takes center stage.
As reported by Romeo Agresti of Goal, for Juve he remains an out of project player, but the Welshman continues not to open up to the possibilities offered to him in the Premier.
And the termination of the contract was and remains an impracticable channel due to costs.
Vlahovic Juve, direct contacts with Fiorentina. The offer is studied to take it to Turin immediately! January 24, 2022 - by JuventusNews24 editorial team
LISTEN Listen to the audio version of the article Vlahovic Juve: direct contacts with Fiorentina for the Serbian forward.
The Juventus club is studying the offer to take him to Turin immediately. Important news is arriving on the Vlahovic front even after the declarations of Daniele Pradè.
According to reports from Sky Sport, Juve are concretely moving for the striker: direct contacts have been recorded between Juventus and Fiorentina for the player.
The two clubs are discussing the timing of the deal and possible payment methods to bring it to Turin immediately.
Juventus is now studying the offer to attack Vlahovic and be able to close the deal immediately.
News Serie A LIVE: post Milan, the latest market news January 24, 2022 - by JuventusNews24 editorial team
LISTEN Listen to the audio version of the article LIVE Serie A news: focus of the day and last hour to stay updated on news and results of the Italian championship Monday 24 January: Serie A news Juve has just returned from yesterday's draw at San Siro against Milan.
Now the international break begins, with several bianconeri engaged around the world.
Meanwhile, the last market week has begun.
Bianconeri engaged both on the exits front (Bentancur,Arthur,Ramsey), but also on the entrances, with Vlahovic and Zakaria hot names.
Gazzetta Dello Sport Juve-Martial, black smoke. The Frenchman is one step away from Sevilla 24 January 2022 - by Luca Bianchin
Monday was supposed to be the day of the decision on Anthony Martial and the decision has come: the Frenchman will not become a Juventus player and should soon be official at Sevilla.
The picture - Martial has long since left United, who asked for 3-4 million for the six-month loan and sought a team that would take over the salary of the French tip, about 5 million (includingtaxes) for the last five months of the season .
Juve thought about it, spoke to Martial's agent (PhilippeLamboley) and the intermediary (FabioAlgeri) but will not close the operation, for technical and economic reasons.
With the assessment of Vlahovic who, in these hours, he cannot fail to have influenced.
of Sevilla, which has moved for weeks on Martial, has raised in recent days and snatched the yes.
Vlahovic-Juve already in January? Pradè: "Ready for anything, we can't risk losing it to zero" January 24, 2022
For a club like ours that has a turnover of 75 million euros a year, it cannot afford to lose the player on a free transfer, so we want to understand what they want and we are open to anything ".
He is a strong player, but the first thing is the group, the club, the coach, we cannot be conditioned by having to speak only of a player.
My answer is very simple: he will tell us what his choice is.
I am very attached to Dusan, but the situation is not easy because there is no kind of openness from his entourage.
Again, we cannot afford to lose it to zero.
Chiellini and Bonucci: "Various superstitious rites during the European Championship. One of these concerned Vialli ..." January 24, 2022
The Juve defender and the department and national team colleague Leonardo Bonucci participated in the podcast of Fedez and Luis "Wild Moss".
Bonucci instead reveals a background regarding the recent European: "During the competition we had superstitious rituals.
Speaking of celebrations - "After the victory we celebrated all night.
From Tevez to Bergessio - Chiellini also talks about the former Juve Tevez and a particular opponent: "Tevez is a good player, strong, but the difference was made in terms of character.
On Bergessio: "Once I happened to really hurt a player, Gonzalo Bergessio: tibia and fibula.
You are in a row as a starter: Rugani rewrites his future. And defense strategies 24 January 2022 - by Giuseppe Nigro
The 27-year-old found space thanks to the absences of his team mates and, above all, at San Siro he convinced everyone.
So Rugani is rewriting his future and with it also a part of Juve's strategies for the defense of tomorrow.
"He's a very good player, you don't change your qualities - said the coach after Milan -.
I found a player after two years who had hardly ever played even with more serenity and personality.
Having in the fourth element, Rugani, a fixed point in the medium term allows us to face the need for renewal with less emergency.
Ramsey, 22 thousand reasons (andeuros) a day to stay: this is how the Juve market is blocked 24 January 2022 - by Giovanni Albanese
In seven months the Welshman has already collected more than 4.5 million and a half to play 112 minutes: almost 42 thousand euros per minute.
Close to such an engagement, up to now he has rejected the proposals that have arrived from the Premier League.
After Covid and a few more days spent in England, solving his case is among the priorities of this last week of the winter session. Giovanni Albanese @GiovaAlbanese
Only 4 points out of 18 with the Top 4: “badly big”. Juve, the Champions race thus becomes complicated 24 January 2022 - by Giuseppe Nigro
Other than "small pains", often also evoked by Massimiliano Allegri: Juve cannot win with the big teams, literally, because against the top four in the standings they have never won this year.
To draw at home from the second in the standings is in itself a respectable result, even if you accept to play as Juve did at San Siro.
But playing like this is not an episode.
Not winning a big match like this is not an episode.
Against the top four in the class, Juve averaged 0.67 points, against all the other teams they averaged 2.23 points per game: almost quadruple.
Moviola Milan-Juve: possible penalties and management of cards 24 January 2022 - by Matteo Dalla Vite
In Milan-Juve management of the yellow not coherent in a "quiet" evening Di Bello (whocametorefereethematchduetotheunavailabilityofOrsatolastFriday) seemed more confident in the episodes that happened inside the area than in those that happened outside.
Calabria slips right into the Juventus area followed by Alex Sandro: the contact exists but not overwhelming, then the right foot of the Juventus player hits the left leg of the AC Milan player who is already in a fall.
Di Bello assesses the intensity, the Var does not intervene, no penalty and - consequently to this choice - Calabria is whistled against for having caught the ball with his hand.
The other episode takes place in the same area but in the second half and therefore with Juventus in attack: Messias risks a lot, tries to challenge Morata for the ball but only hits the Juventus right calf.
Apparently too little for Di Bello to assign a penalty kick and in the name of the "fight", initiated by Rocchi, against penalties.
If Milan and Juve don't have the courage for Inter it's easier January 24, 2022 - by Andrea Di Caro
A lot was expected from this Milan-Juve: spectacle, goals, teams attacking the result and their goals.
AC Milan looking for a victory that would keep him in the scudetto race ahead of the derby on 6 February.
Juve with the desire to cut short on the opponents who at the moment occupy the seats of an essential Champions area at the end of the season for the bianconeri.
It ended 0-0, with few emotions: Milan tried a little harder, Juve once again played a wait-and-see match against a big one.
The bianconeri confirm the solidity of their defense, but more courage would be expected from Juve.
Corriere dello Sport Stage Italia, De Sciglio is also among those called January 24, 2022
Roberto Mancini has called an internship for Italy in view of the world playoffs in March against North Macedonia.
There are many Juve players who will start with their respective national teams: Alex Sandro, Bentancur, Dybala, Cuadrado and McKennie.
Then, as communicated by Juve itself, there are five players who will be in Coverciano for the blue stage.
Stage Italy, five of Juve in Coverciano Still injured Leo Bonucci, Mancini has summoned his teammate Giorgio Chiellini for the stage of Italy.
For Italy it is one of the few moments in which we can all work together, between one championship match and another.
"Barcelona want Alex Sandro, it costs 12 million" January 24, 2022
One of the goals on the list of azulgrana transfer men is in fact the Brazilian Alex Sandro of Juve.
Barcelona: poker (notserved) for the role of winger There are more exactly four names in the Barcelona notebook: Alex Sandro, Tagliafico, Telles and Mazraoui.
Tagliafico also plays with the Dutch, but the contract expires in 2023.
Alex Sandro, complicated goal The fourth name is precisely that of Alex Sandro.
The contract expires in 2023, the purchase price is around 12 million.
Paolo, brother of Gaetano Scirea is dead January 24, 2022
At the age of 71, Paolo Scirea, the elder brother of the great Gaetano, the flag of Juve and the national team, died.
For 30 years, his brother Paolo organized the Memorial Gaetano Scirea, dedicated to the great champion of Juventus history.
So Paolo kept Gaetano's memory alive, sharing with him the great passion for football.
Gaetano Scirea, with Juve he won everything Gaetano Scirea was one of the pillars of Giovanni Trapattoni's Juve who won everything between the 70s and the mid 80s.
For a long time he was also the record holder for Juventus appearances.
Juve, Church loaded after knee operation: "Now we start again" January 24, 2022
INNSBRUCK (AUSTRIA) - The countdown for Federico Chiesa's return to the field has officially begun.
The operation carried out in Innsbruck (Austria) from outside Juve was successful, so now the player will have to work hard to try to speed up the times and return as soon as possible at the disposal of mister Allegri.
Stefanini is therefore perfectly successful, therefore the Juventus fans will now have to wait for the recovery time, which Juve has set at around seven months in the official note, before finding him on the pitch.
Recovery times Church, here is the photo on social media after the operation Church, meanwhile, wanted to show himself smiling and with his thumb up on a photo posted on Instagram directly from the hospital bed.
The support of the Juventus supporters, and not only that, wished him a good recovery and a prompt return to the green rectangle.
Moviola Milan-Juve: Di Bello stains the match, it's a penalty on Morata 24 January 2022 - by Edmondo Pinna
No, it is not the same.
Alex Sandro risks on Calabria After 3 ', Alex Sandro risks, the intervention on Calabria is energetic, the two are close, almost side by side, Di Bello's assessment (playing) can be shared.
Di Bello, disciplinareEasy question: if Leao who holds Cuadrado for a long time at the restart is yellow, why were the restarts of Brahim Diaz (stoppedbyBentancur) and Cuadrado (BrahimDiaz) not treated in the same way?
And why if Locatelli is yellow on Tonali, is it not Chiellini or Rugani on Giroud?
To say that the yellow in Messias comes to ... replay (or from Lissone?
"Close to the first": the charge of Chiellini and Bonucci after Milan-Juve January 24, 2022
At Juventus, perhaps the winner "on points" if it were boxing, there is greater optimism, in light of a growing condition, and with it a good continuity of results and performances that bode well for the resumption of the championship , in two weeks, after the national team break.
Then, captain Giorgio Chiellini and his deputy Leonardo Bonucci think about shaking the environment: "The draw was the fairest result.
The former Inter and Milan echoes him: "A cycle of matches is closed that has brought us close to the first.
"Thinking of coming back even stronger after the break", is the goal that the Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has set himself.
We arrive at the break with the awareness that we are growing and in the running for our goals! ".
Juve on the road to recovery, but unfortunately, or fortunately, we will only know after the break where there will be Verona, Atalanta and Turin, three challenges that are anything but simple.
In the meantime, if on the one hand there is a Juve that tries to heal completely, but which still needs a tonic, on the other there are some reborn players.
DE SCIGLIO - January was also important for Mattia De Sciglio, not only the goal against Roma, but also a series of important performances, with someone also talking about a possible place in the national team.
Moreover, the call-up to the national team has arrived, a nice prize for Pellegrini.
The Allegri care is working for the moment, for many but not yet 100% for this Juventus that still needs to improve in order to aspire to the top places.
Massimo Pavan on Radio Bianconera: "Juventus should do something forward, with Milan ..." January 25, 2022 - by TuttoJuve Redaction
Daniele Pradè opens doors that Maurizio Arrivabene had closed.
The Fiorentina sporting director has explicitly said that no one is excluded from the speeches on the future of Dusan Vlahovic, not even Juventus.
It's hard to understand what's surprising about ...
Vlahovic-Juve, Fiesole attacks the Serbian with a banner: "Gobbo di m ..." (PHOTO) January 25, 2022 - by TuttoJuve Redaction
Daniele Pradè opens doors that Maurizio Arrivabene had closed.
The Fiorentina sporting director has explicitly said that no one is excluded from the speeches on the future of Dusan Vlahovic, not even Juventus.
It's hard to understand what's surprising about ...
Barcelona, ​​Xavi has a plan B 25 January 2022 - by Massimo Pavan
Daniele Pradè opens doors that Maurizio Arrivabene had closed.
The Fiorentina sporting director has explicitly said that no one is excluded from the speeches on the future of Dusan Vlahovic, not even Juventus.
It's hard to understand what's surprising about ...
Simeone: "For teams like Juve or Bayern Munich it is natural to win the championship, for us it is not like that" January 24, 2022 - by TuttoJuve Redaction
Diego Pablo Simeone, Atletico Madrid coach, spoke on the sidelines of the presentation of the Amazon Exclusive docu-series on his career.
Here is what Tmw highlighted: "It's not easy, you always need a lot of creativity to keep motivating the team.
Every time we win the championship, it's not easy to start again.
There are teams like Juve or Bayern Munich who naturally win their own league, but for us it is not like that.
We must always keep the fire burning inside the players. "
TJ - Vlahovic, that's why Juve is in a hurry 24 January 2022 - by Massimo Pavan
Juventus is in a hurry to close for Dusan Vlahovic.
The bianconeri would have an agreement with the player, but fear that a great European football could enter, more important than Arsenal or Tottenham who are not sure of playing the Champions League.
In particular, the pitfalls would be Barcelona or Real Madrid looking for a nine and could try to catch the Serbian with much higher offers than Juventus itself.
THE VLAHOVIC DEAL IS WORTH MORE THAN IT SEEMS 24 January 2022 - by Massimo Pavan
Dusan Vlahovic and Juventus, an absolutely possible deal, certainly not, but possible.
In short, it would be the perfect shot to raise the bar.
VALUE OF THE VLAHOVIC DEAL - the potential Vlahovic deal, however, is worth much more than it appears.
It would not only be an important blow to improve Juventus, but it would also be a decisive deal to demonstrate that the Bianconeri are still capable of leading operations on the market.
If Juventus wants to fight like Inter Milan in the next few seasons, they must also take on players at Vlahovic, then this potential operation is worth much more than it seems.
Milik after Vlahovic, unlikely ... 24 January 2022 - by Massimo Pavan
According to Rmc Sport, Milik's move to Fiorentina on loan this winter would be highly unlikely due to the Pole's contractual situation.
RMC Sport highlighted the fact that the OM striker still legally belongs to Napoli, as he is still in the period of his OM loan.
As a result, Pablo Longoria would be obliged to pay the purchase option (€8million+€4millionbonus) earlier than expected, even if the payment is only due at the end of the season.
Given the club's financial situation, the OM board could not afford such a cost before the end of the year.
Bayern hinder Juve for Zakaria? 24 January 2022 - by Massimo Pavan
Daniele Pradè opens doors that Maurizio Arrivabene had closed.
The Fiorentina sporting director has explicitly said that no one is excluded from the speeches on the future of Dusan Vlahovic, not even Juventus.
It's hard to understand what's surprising about ...
Sportitalia - Crisciello: "Juve-Fiorentina agreement for Vlahovic. Medical visits between Thursday and Friday" January 24, 2022 - by TuttoJuve Redaction
Daniele Pradè opens doors that Maurizio Arrivabene had closed.
The Fiorentina sporting director has explicitly said that no one is excluded from the speeches on the future of Dusan Vlahovic, not even Juventus.
It's hard to understand what's surprising about ...
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2022.01.25 03:03 Existing_Cow_3907 Humans Are Doomed to Go Extinct - Scientific American

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2022.01.25 03:03 CoreyT2341 OnTopRP | LA Fitness | Studio | Hiring Staff | Hookah lounge | Footlocker | LSPD | Active Gangs | Gang Resorts | Houses | Boxing Ring | Custom Grove Garage | Discord.gg/ontoprp |

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This is only the beginning. Be a part of something great, you're on top baby!
We are also looking for active staff to help grow our community .
Please feel free to come by and visit! Discord.gg/ontoprp
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hi, i downloaded the swat 4 remake mod and it put it in my swat 4 folder but where do i go to actually play it? like where in the folder am i supposed to play
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2022.01.25 03:03 CathleenBurt Bankers NFT Collection

Bankers NFT Collection NFTs are definitely the newest craze in the crypto world today. NFT sales have generated a staggering $25B in 2021. And this year, as the interest for NFTs continue to surge, the figures are likely to spike.
In December 2021, Unbanked announced the launching of “Bankers NFT”, a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum network. The “Bankers NFT” was a collaboration with Antione Mingo, the digital artist behind the successful “Pudgy Penguins”
Grab the chance to get your own “Bankers NFT” by joining the drop on the 31st of January.
Check details here: https://unbanked.com/bankers
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2022.01.25 03:03 OneVeryEdgyBoi Is it weird that I don't wanna look under my bed?

From past trauma I am terrified of being alone or in the dark and feel like someone's watching me wanting to kill me. If someone is I'd much rather not check and have them kill me in my sleep and not know it than check under my bed, see something, be terrified, and have it kill me while i know. Am I weird for that?
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2022.01.25 03:03 manikantv [Artwork] Harley quinn by manikantv

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2022.01.25 03:03 meemos I also adore playing Femroe. Here is Crafting, RDM, DNC, WHM

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